2012 Student Reflections

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Sami’s Tech Turn-off Reflection

You know your a tourist when you comparing English pigeon’s fat to New York one’s The Tech Turn Off has not really affected me that much, This morning I woke up ate breakfast,took the bus to school,then went to school for 7 hours,then I got home at 5 did half my homework.And then ate dinner,at […]

Callie, Tech-Turnoff Experience

Day One of Tech-Turnoff Reflection I realize that the more you are surrounded by technology, the more tempting it is to use it. When the computer is next to you, it is more likely you will be compelled to use it than if you were on a deserted island with no available electronics. In order […]

Arthur’s Tech Turnoff

Day 1 So far, this hasn’t been bad. I just did homework at home, and during my commute to and from school, read a book. Living without technology isn’t too bad. All day, my time has been more productive. I finished my homework earlier than usual and then went outside to play basketball for a […]

Jake, My Turn-Off Experience

Reflection: Day 1. Tuesday, May 29 The tech turn-off has become like a prison to me. Not a prison of brick and iron, but a prison of mandatory self-restraint. An analog prison of which there is no escape. The key, a rectangle of letters, circuitry, plastic, and screens, is dangled in front of my face. […]

Julia, My Tech Turn-Off Reflection

Day 1, 5/29. I didn’t feel like I was going to be extremely annoyed with the tech turn-off for the rest of the week.  I didn’t have difficulty with anything, but music.  I think it was because when I am bored I usually go to music for entertainment.  Instead of using technology I helped with […]

Joey – My Tech Turn-off Reflections

≈ Day 1 Today it was very easy to hold off the electronics, although I did use my phone to call my dad. I had no urges to use any electrical devices for recreational purposes.Since it is only the first day, I am having no problems not using any recreational electrical devices. Usually, at the […]