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Sami’s Tech Turn-off Reflection

You know your a tourist when you comparing English pigeon’s fat to New York one’s

The Tech Turn Off has not really affected me that much, This morning I woke up ate breakfast,took the bus to school,then went to school for 7 hours,then I got home at 5 did half my homework.And then ate dinner,at dinner we turned moaned about our days.Then Finished our work and then instead of watching tv,I READ A BOOK  in fact I finished the Da Vinci Code at 1:00 am ,(700 Pages and the ending sucked).Anyway back to answering the question part of this.

1.I felt slightly more like my mom because technology is not the biggest part of her life outside of work.

2.It was easy because I dont use Tech for other than work most of the time

3.I wanted to text on the bus but i forgot my phone.

4.Ishan called and asked if I wanted to play Age of Empires 3 with him.

5.I Learned that I can’t give it up because it’s too big a chunk of my life


Response 2

Today was my first day in England I watched movies on the plane to pass the time

and called my dad and brother when I got there.I listened to the radio in our car and headed to the hotel.Then I turned went to sleep.

Response 3

Today I left the hotel and we drove up from our hotel in Reading to our hotel in sheffield about 3 hours away.I listened to the radio for sleet , rain ,runoff warnings as were were in the heavy rain while being showered by the water the cars in front of us kicked up.

Response 4

I arrive in Sheffield we drive to my moms exhibition area where she is videotaped for the bbc.I try to resist playing the terrible games on my phone but then i switch to having a pigeon counting contests with 2 friends it wasn’t very productive but lots more fun than squinting at the tiny screen on my phone.Yes that’s how boring Sheffield is, you either.Listen to the Tv with 5 channels in you hotel or you count pigeons and steal free balloons from the mall restaurants .


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