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Arthur’s Tech Turnoff

Day 1

So far, this hasn’t been bad. I just did homework at home, and during my commute to and from school, read a book. Living without technology isn’t too bad.
All day, my time has been more productive. I finished my homework earlier than usual and then went outside to play basketball for a few hours. I keep wanting to watch basketball and hockey a lot, but have temporary willpower to keep myself occupied without technology. I don’t believe Bradbury was correct when he said television would turn us all into mindless zombies like Guy Montag’s wife in Farenheit 451. It has enhanced our knowledge in many ways. For example, we now have email as a more efficient way to mail things. We can also use computers and find information about anything, so you don’t have to go to a library, get out an encyclopedia that contains just a paragraph on what you need, and have to write that information down.

Day 2
The loss of my technology hit me hard and the feelings aren’t improving. I’m still not using any technology, but I am missing it more by the second. If I don’t figure something out quick, I’m almost positive I’ll cave.
My time, however, is becoming more productive. Like today, when I got home, I went outside and played basketball with friends. After this, I tried reading in my room until I was getting tempted by my computer and took a nap.

While the tech turnoff is helping me in many ways, it’s also hurting me. All I ever want to do is watch TV or play video games and think of what I’m missing. This being preoccupied has hurt me and made me zone out when I need to do or know something. I’m also doing childish and dorky things out of boredom like trying to play chess with myself which from my experience is impossible because I always take one side and make it win. This is killing me. I may crack tomorrow.

Day 3
I finally cracked today. I just couldn’t help myself. After a crushing baseball loss I NEED my music. Never have I had much willpower, other than when I quit biting my nails. Let me show how my day went…

As many know, I’m too competitive. Winning is everything. Many say it’s about “having fun” but let’s be honest, it’s only fun when you win. After standing about 2 hours on the subway, I was steaming mad. I’d done my homework and was craving entertainment. I listened to music for ½ an hour and that was it for the day… I thought.

I was now on the line of if you ask me a question I’ll reply with hateful sarcasm, but will scream in someone’s face if asked a second time. I recovered by watching my San Antonio Spurs shut down the Oklahoma City Thunder. Their win overjoyed me, showing me technology soothes in many situations. In the end, I had about 2 hours of technology in 3 days.

Day 4
I’m too annoyed with the loss of my technology. It’s officially killing me. I’m basketball score deprived and I am thinking about it all the time. The newspaper just doesn’t cover sports as well OR show you any game changing plays like TV does. I listened to some music on the bus this morning, but that’s it. I couldn’t just sit there on the bus because I left my book in my locker.

I hate Ray Bradbury. I’m so lame that it’s gotten to the point where I’ll pretend my life is a video game. All of my friends outside of school make fun of me for not being able to watch TV. I’m less tired but that’s only a small reward for hours and hours of boredom.

I really don’t think this thing will be effective in cutting down our technology usage. After this week, I’ll probably have a tech blowout like play video games while listening to music and watching TV for 5 hours all at the same time.

Day 5/ 6
Oh God I hate this. I’m positive that Sunday night at 11:59 I’ll watch TV. Being sick and having 4 baseball games this weekend has kept my mind off of it, but any second I’m bored I think of technology.

Ray Bradbury really was a cranky old man. I mean, what kind of person depicts people that stupid as an effect from television? I’m betting he was paranoid and insane when he wrote Farenheit 451. This generation is just as smart and uses technology to our advantage. I think if you interviewed him now, he’d find he misspoke and the world is doing better than he thought.

Now, I could keep going on about how I benefited from this and how it hurt me, but I’d much rather watch TV. My parents didn’t put up as much of a fight doing this, but it was definitely hard. Anyway, I AM DONE!


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