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Thelo, 602’s Woeful Tech-Turnoff Reflections

Thelo, 602
ELA-    No-Tech Reflections
Reflection #1:   5/29/12Today is May 29th, 2012, and also the first day of the Anderson 6th Grade’s “Tech-Turnoff” week. Of course, as everything seems to be for our grade, the timing is perfect. Yes, that was sarcasm. As the year begins to come to an end, teachers assign less homework and fewer assignments, giving us (the students) more free time. As it gets so hot and humid this week, “playing” outside is eliminated from the alternative choices. It’s a tough way to spend an air-conditioned week.
When a guy came in to talk to us about the coming week, I got nervous. I was hoping that a bunch of parents would complain and that would settle the issue, but nothing happened. It’s sort of like going or not to your cousin-that-you-haven’t-talked-to-in-15 years-because-you-had-a-big-fight’s wedding. It’s an important family event you SHOULD go to, but when you imagine going, it seems really ridiculous. Still, if you don’t go, you feel guilt for like almost a month. In this analogy, going to your cousin’s wedding is like actually doing the Tech-Turnoff, and not going is like lying and writing the same thing for every day.
The anxiety of slipping up and breaking just got to me too much. Last night I recorded six hours of sleep, my lowest total in six years. Though it did relate sometimes to allergies, it was also me being scared of the beginning of the dreadful week I have ahead of me.
Today I have done well. My morning and afternoon experiences have been wonderful. No doze-out screen time, only some homework. As an alternative I was going to read, but I forgot the two books I am currently reading at school. Instead I procrastinated a lot, practiced piano for longer, and put more effort into this reflection/blog.Reflection #2:     5/30/12

Day two. Day two of the six day forecast for misery, depression, pain, suffering, and most of all, withdrawa l. Day two of the evil plot to make Anderson sixth-graders hate themselves for all their technology use. It’s not a game, it’s reality. It’s not just a part of the unit, it’s a part of our young lives that I will certainly try very hard to forget. I might be taking be taking this more seriously than others, but I do not think I am.
Today is May 30th, 2012. I woke up with an unsatisfying beeping alarm clock instead of my normal Beatles songs playing to start my day. I ate breakfast while staring at a blank TV screen. No noise, no morning Sportscenter, no music, no watching my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches to get me  off to a good start for the day. At least I went along with the damn Tech-Turnoff.
With an almost perfect day yesterday and a tech-free morning (which is actually when I use the most tech), I feel the right to treat myself. This afternoon I will grant myself 45 minutes of video-gaming. I deserve it, after all, it’s better than cracking.

Reflection #3:      5/31/12

Day three. Three times a charm. Is that true with slipping up? It is for me. I’m not even going to rant about how bad this week is, I’m just going to say what I must say. I did slip up. This morning I checked the score of an NBA Playoff GAME and this afternoon I watched a couple youtube videos. I could not help myself. It’s routine procrastination.
We had so much homework tonight so there actually was not much time for alternatives to use of screen devices and other zone-out technology. Tonight I did watch television with the family while eating dinner, and I very much enjoyed it. They might have been episodes of The Office that I have seen at least twice before each, but at least it’s something.
I was tired. Since I was tired, I should have wanted to feast on more technology, but I couldn’t. I can’t say why; the urge just was not there. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Reflection #4:       6/1/12

EVERYONE HAS BAD DAYS. Some would say that with how much I insult this crazy week, I should be doing it more to show how useless it is (or something like that). Well… I TRY. Yes, I slipped again. Every Friday (unless I must be somewhere else), I go home on the subway, quickly walk from the 110th Street Station to my home, fall onto the beanbag, and zone out with some sort of screen device. This time of the week is something I frequently look forward to during the tough times of the actual school week (because I do not do homework on Fridays).

I did not do so today, but I did slip up. I went home on the subway (the trip on which I remembered how I forgot my independent reading book, Catching Fire, at home), walked home at a steady, slow rate, got home, and immediately just got my hand on that computer mouse. But then I slowed myself down, allowed myself a couple Youtube videos, checked my email, and played a game on my iTouch. Later, I forgot about the “no listening to and consuming music alone” and splurged out on that.

Still, it’s the weekend. I feel too strongly to let the tech surrounding me just pass by. But with all this homework this weekend, this day has got to be the worst. Still, it’s FINE if one tries, right?

Reflection #5:       6/2-3/12

The final two days. The home stretch. 11:59 pm tonight and a load is taken off my shoulder. The past two days haven’t been too hard. I’ve been with my dad, and when the weather is nice out we always take that as an advantage. Of course, I was in until 4 pm yesterday (which was Saturday, June 2nd) doing homework. I also spent approximately an hour and a half calculating some slope and writing this today, which, obviously, is Sunday. Anyway, back to the alternatives. So we just went outside and “strolled” and talked, lollygagging through the day with a clear, sunny sky. That night, though, I slipped up to watch some television and some of the ever so suspenseful NBA Playoffs. Today, I woke up to some Sportscenter, but in a somewhat small apartment that is hard to avoid. We left early, and took the train out to go run and play a bit of basketball for an overwhelming hour and 40 minutes! That occupied some time. Oh yes, at my mom’s house I have an eight-foot hoop that I played on a lot during this week. If I did not mention that… I just did. Anyway, we spent some more time outside and went home. Luckily, the surprise rain did not catch us. After that, I slipped up a couple times, but not majorly. Talk about a good end to a decent (by my part), but terrible Tech-Turnoff week!


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