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Teddy, Turn-off Experience

Day 1 May 29, 2012
Tonight I was frustrated because I remembered I did not have very much homework. I would usually be using more screens than normal but this has been forcing me to read or play board games instead. I also had lacrosse practice today so I got home later and playing sports has taken up some of my time. I do not text and I do not have an iPhone so I call all the time and that was not any different from I would normally do.

I encountered no technology that was not avoidable and I have used none yet. I have only looked at the screen of my phone. For off campus lunch I knew where there were TV screens, at Lenny’s, Shake Shack, and Bagels and Co. so that influenced my decisions for lunch. For Science we used computers to look up definitions and some kids were playing gems after they finished because they forgot. In Mrs. Fieck’s class we used computers if the person needed to they would go and log in to their email account to read their questions for their trials.

After I write this I will type my questions, find a song for the guitar, and read so I will be using the computer for social studies and music. It will be tempting not to click a few buttons and to play a game or go to my email, but I will try my best. I normally would be typing this because it looks neater and it is easy to erase and format.I am always faster on a computer than with paper and a pencil.

My dad is trying to get my sister to do the tech turn off too but she is so tempted to be in the iPad that she is about to explode so she can sneak in a few minutes every day. The more homework I have, the less free time I have so the more home work, the better.

Day 2 May 30, 2012
           I played a lacrosse game today so after I wanted to fall down and turn on the TV and relax instead I did my homework. After sports games I am so wiped out that I start to turn on the TV, relax and drink some water but today I didn’t have to worry about the TV because I ate dinner as soon as I got home.

I used the computers to find the homework and do nothing else. I did find technology that I couldn’t avoid when I as on the lacrosse bus they were playing music over the sound system. I saw some kids text in my class. I found that the more homework we have, the less free time I have to get distracted.

I was tempted to use and play on the iPad, watch the TV, or a game on the computer because that’s what I always do, I especially when I’m the only person in my house because I feel lonely. I didn’t have to use a screen because my sister used it for me. It is good that this forced me to do none of that so I got to do my homework quicker and feel happy about it.

The past few days I have felt refreshed because I have been not using electronics so my brain is working at full speed. This week I have felt good about everything and felt refreshed, I have gotten better at everything including my handwriting.

I have been surprised at how little technology I have used this week and I really felt that I would see a lot more technology that I couldn’t  control.I was expecting a lot more technology, I think part of the reason is because I don’t live in Times Square. I have not slipped up yet and I am not planning to, but you shouldn’t be surprised if I do slip up because the TV looks warm and fuzzy.

Day 3 May 31, 2012
Today I honestly slipped. I went to Lenny’s and while I was eating I glanced up and looked at the TV for a minute, not until I got back to school did I realized how shameful that was. I also saw some of my friends slip today. I played sports from 7:00 and I didn’t get home until 8:40 for my soccer tryout, so I had limited time for technology.

The TV I saw at Lenny’s was tilted so everyone in the restaurant could see it, there isn’t just one TV, there are multiple ones. Two of the TVs are for shows but the other five are for the menu. Today I realized that I rely on technology too much for leisure but also information. I would lean over to see what other people were doing on the computer and I wished that I could be playing. Not only did I see a TV but also an ad for a show, how much do you really need to advertise the show, it probably was playing over and over all day.

Through the day I was very tempted to use a screen, but I pushed all my temptations to the side. My temptations ranged from wanting to play on a computer to watching somebody play on the computer.

After my soccer tryout all I wanted to do was go to an air-conditioned house, watch TV, relax. Instead of this ideal night, I stuck to just relaxing and doing my homework.

It is hard not to use technology when everybody around you is using it and when you’re in a world full of it. I have the worst habits of going on computers and TVs, it takes weeks or months to break my habit but minutes or hours to get one.

Day 4 June 1, 2012
Today was my first big mess up. I did my normal routine today, find somebody to play with, go to Crumbs, and then go home. I shouldn’t forget to mention what I do at home, which normally includes a screen of some type. This time I played with Alex K. at my house, here we totally forgot and played on the Wii for about an hour. This time I knew I was doing something wrong but I couldn’t get a grasp on what it was because we played a game called Ghost on the bus to my house that made me forget.

I felt that it was normal to play a game so I forgot about the rules. I hate to say this but I playing on this made me feel so much better and connected to the world. I know this sounds weird but playing video games make me happy so I was very happy today with my friend and on a Wii. This weekend my parents told me we were going to the Berkshires for my camp orientation so I need to be very careful up there.

Although I did play on technology, I also ran into some technology that I couldn’t avoid when I saw an ad on a subway stop. I am very mad that I didn’t do a tech free week but it definitely was a good three days without screens.

Day 4 June 2 and 3, 2012
This weekend was not an ideal time for the tech turn off but since I was in the Berkshires almost all weekend with my sister, and as you can guess, something went wrong.

Let me start with Saturday, every Saturday I have a soccer game but this time I was running late so I had to take a taxi. Unfortunately there is the taxi TV and my Mom wanted to watch it, it lasted half the ride before it got an error message. The next hour and a half was dedicated to playing sports, soccer to be exact.

After the game I came back home, and after a few hours getting ready and hoped in the car and we drove to the Berkshires. There were two different technology use that we used in the car, our GPS and the rest of my family insisted on playing some music. The music we only had on for 15 minutes until I started reading Fahrenheit 451 which was very difficult, especially in a car.

At the hotel we ate but again I forgot and started watching hockey. After dinner and settling in the room, we watched more TV, until my parents put me to bed. That day was nothing like a tech turn off day should have been like so I tried harder the next day.

The next day my family went on a hike up the mountain, next we went to my camp orientation with Jake and Ruben, that day was fun, even without technology.

After a week trying to not use technology I feel good and refreshed and even though I didn’t do it perfectly it still felt good to try. Now thank goodness, only a few more hours left until this is over.


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