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Tech turnoff reflections–Reuben Levine

Day #1.  May 29, 2012

A few days ago, I opened up a really fun game on the computer that was very fun.  Today I opened the computer to check my homework and the game was blaring, right there, as if it was saying, “play me, play me”.  It was really hard for me to pull myself away to check my homework.

I also used my father’s MacBook Air to finish my social studies homework.  When I was working, there was a part of me telling myself, “Dad isn’t here, no one’ll catch you, go on, play that really fun game”.  No, I overruled myself and finished my homework.

My sister recently joined Facebook and she’s obsessed.  She was freaking out over something and I literally had to wrench her away from checking out what was up.  It was hard.

This tech turnoff is harder than I thought, “whew”.  I hope it gets easier.

Day  #2.

Today was mostly tech-free, even with the stuff I did for homework.  I want to the orthodontist right after I came home and was there for a while.  When I got home, it was a little late, so I hurried through my homework and hit the sack, tech-free.

But before I did y homework I had a math tutor tutor me about math, and I had to check what my homework was on Engrade.  My mom checked for me, but even by now I was craving so much for technology that I almost volunteered to do it for her.

Later I was going over the equation “y=mx+b” when my bother accidentally put “Grease is the Word”-really loud- on the speaker, blaring at me.  My tutor looked really annoyed, but I was ready to jump out of my seat, dancing to the music.

When I finally went to bed, my sister was sitting on my Twin, Facebooking, or whatever you call it.  It’s like tech turnoff, I told myself, so I kicked her off and fell asleep.

Day #3.

Today, tech-wise, wasn’t so hard.  Right when I got home, I fell down on my bed and started to read a book.  The crazy heat was cooking my brain.  I stayed there until Brennan picked me up (not literally) and took me to our Hebrew class.

In class, we had just finished a project about the importance of stories and passing things down through generations.  We had made a video with the stories from our family histories and we brought in all of our parents to see it with us. It was really boring. The whole time, the idea of the tech-turnoff was ringing in my head, but it just wouldn’t be right to excuse myself.  So I watched.

When I got home the Scripps National Spelling Bee was on the television.  My sister got fourth place in the New York State, so she really wanted to see the guy who beat her win. In the end he didn’t, I heard- but that didn’t make it any easier to pull myself away from the screen and go to bed.

Day #4.

Today in tech-turnoff wasn’t so hard.  All I really did today was take guitar and piano lessons, do my homework and go to sleep.  There were a few problems though.

First, when I got home I immediately switched on the computer.  But don’t worry, I was just checking to see what was my math homework for the night.  There was a part of me though, telling me to close Engrade and beat that really hard level on Mutiny.  I yelled at myself (not really) that it was tech-turnoff week and I wasn’t allowed.  Whew.

During guitar practice I had to pull up the chords for a song.  I told my teacher that it was tech-turnoff week and he thinks about it a second or two.  Then my mother comes in and tells me it’s OK.  Feeling a bit guilty, I pull it up on line.

Day #5.

Tech Turnoff week is almost over!  It was had but I have made it and I feel like I have succeeded.  This weekend I think was the hardest part of turning off my tech.

I was going to sleep over at Jake’s because my sister was having a party at our place.  I went to Jake’s house and did fun stuff for some time, but Jake wanted to go on the computer.  I reminded him of the Tech Turnoff and we played board games instead.  I felt responsible.

Then there was a change of plans.  I couldn’t stay at Jake’s and he couldn’t stay at my place so we just watched the movie with Elie and her friends.  Before we say it, I said to my mom,  “hey, it’s Tech Turnoff week, I wouldn’t be watching a movie.  She said “it’ll be OK”.  Feeling guilty, I watched the movie.


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