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Ryan’s Tech Turn-off Experience

May 29, 2012

Today, on the first day of the technology turn-off, I have noticed that in certain way, turning off technology is easy.  For example, hand-held video games and television are not hard to turn off.  Even though my family and other people around me tempt me to use them, I just do not use them; it is how much I force myself not to use them.  Other electronics like computers, laptops, and music players or radios are difficult for me to avoid.  Beside homework, social media on the Internet is very distracting.  Games, music just about everything, draws the gazer in.

Music, on the other hand, is what to have or do everyday.  Music is something I would never want to lose. Music motivates me.  On the radio, I am able to listen to all of my favorite songs and stations.  I can sing along to the music, relax, and enjoy.  Some songs also bring back memories.

I live around music. I love music and it is one of my favorite subjects in school.  I would not be the same without music.

May 30, 2012

Today difficult. My, dodging electronics was extremely difficult.  My two older sisters who apparently do not have any homework, were at war with my sister, who is also doing the technology turn-off, and me. I was just doing my homework in a relaxed mood, when the television went ‘click’, the television screen flashed, and the war started.  Luckily for me, the show they were watching ended; they closes the television instead of us.  We won.

The radio was a huge problem for me again.  I turned it on for about two seconds,remembered that I was not supposed to use technology, and then turned it off.  After that, though, one of my older sisters turned it back on.  It was not too soon that dinnertime came and I was able to close it.  All of those distractions are easy to be tempted into using.  It is amazing how it is to get rid of you daily routine.

May 31, 3012

This week has not been so much different for me.  I do not really have any technology to use on my hour to an hour-and-a-half bus ride beside the radios that my bus drivers use.  After I finish my homework, I have time to take a nap, talk with my friends, play card games, draw, etc.; the sky is the limit!

Not being able to use technology can make it easier to socialize.  Without technology, we have more time to talk with each other, socialize, exercise, read, and have non-electronic fun.  Taking technology off of your mind allows me to work faster(not including music because I cannot live without it). This tech turn-off can make us a lot happier, but sometimes we just can’t live without some of the technology we love.

Today’s society is not only a cyber/technological one; it is also musical.  Everyone has their favorite song, tune, and others like that.  It is just inconvenient for us to not have technology because it is a part of us.

June 1, 2012

My bus ride to school and from school were pretty boring.  I fell asleep on my bus ride going to school; my friend was asleep so I had nobody to talk to.  After I woke up half way to school, one of my friends came on the bus wanting to know if I could help him with on of the levels in his game.  I said yes because it usually is not polite to say no to a friend who needs help or a friend who asks for a favor.  Otherwise, I went to sleep for most of the bus ride and did my homework.

When I got home, I finished my hand-written homework and ate my dinner.  After I was finished with that, I started typing up my obituary for Social Studies but, I was distracted.  I started to play computer games the later the time was. Computers can easily get you distracted.

June 3, 2012

This weekend was a challenge for me to avoid the use of electronics.  With nobody else home beside my dad and me(my mom and sisters were at a dude ranch), I was bound to get distracted.  Both today and yesterday, I played some computer games after I finished my obituary for Social Studies.  My dad and I watched a movie for the second time and watched the end of Sunday’s Yankee game.

I did not use my laptop as much on Sunday than I did on Saturday but, I think that I used more electricity on Sunday.  On Sunday, I watched more television because I was with nothing else to do.  Weekends are harder to avoid electronics then on weekends.


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