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Nicole’s Turnoff Experience

Tech-Turn Off                                                                                                                                                                                          Nicole
May 29/2012

       No tech has been okay for now. I haven’t used tech yet and I hope it will stay that way. This morning I woke up and remembered that it was Tech-Turn off week but as soon as I woke up I was tempted to play some music on my phone but I forced myself not too. Right now I know it’s not hard but when I get home and everyone in my house is using technology it’s going to be really hard not to resist.Today I have some homework, but it is not a lot so it is going to be even harder to not go on Gmail, watch T.V., not go on the computer, or the Ipad. I might need to go online for social studies homework, but only to type my bibliography. I am going to have trouble not watching T.V.

         Today it has been pretty hard not using tech it is just an unexplainable urge to use tech.I had the temptation to watch T.V but I forced myself not to. Instead of using tech I read my books,talk with my sister,and just relaxed for a while.

         My brother and sister are reacting as if I wasn’t even doing the tech turnoff  activity. but when I talked to my sister about it she started to  use less and less tech. this shows me that I am changing peoples minds and making people about there tech usage.I am learning that it is really hard to stand without tech usage.

May 30th/2012

       Today it was much harder to not use technology. I don’t exactly know why but every now and then I have more an urge to not use tech. Instead of using tech I read to my little brother, I took a nap,and I helped my mom bake cupcakes.It just shows how much everyone can do without using tech. It was much different today the way people were reacting to the tech turn off assignment, my mom tried to not go on facebook form long, instead of my sister siting in front of the T.V she went outdoors. It is so much better not seeing people watching T.V or technology. I have learned not to rely on technology to do what you want, and to not take it for granted. In some other country there is a little kid who does not even know what tech is.

May 31st/2012

       It has been truly hard today to not stand with out tech. Today it wasn’t as hard as the other days but it was hard. I had travel soccer tryouts from 6:00-8:00 so I came home and went to bed. I feel like have a lot more time to do what I need to do. My temptation today was the T.V, I had a show that I love that was on. But I knew that I had to fight so I put it to record on my DVR. Instead of watching T.V I read Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I am you can be relaxed and entertained with out consuming tech. I am not saying that I hate tech but I believe I can live with out it once and a while.

June 1st/2012

        Today my parents wanted to take me to a movie but tome that was breaking the rules so I tole them that I could not go, we were going to go when the tech turn off was over so there was no conflict. It was hard not to watch T.V at this time but I had to get over it.I really fought my temptations. I was behind in my Fahrenheit 451 reading because I missed a day of school so I read that in my spare time. Plus I had to finish other homework so this would kill time. When I was reading Fahrenheit 451 and made me think on how much we actually need books and education to survive. Half of this created the human race,without education,history, and books we wouldn’t have any clear definition of ourselves,objects,animals, and etc. It gave me a huge impact and just writing my letter to Beatty helped me rove my statement even more. I hope I don’t slip over the weekend I wont to keep my record going.

June 3rd/2012

     The weekend was really hard to not use tech, but I slipped, my favorite T.V show was on I couldn’t resist. After that I was disappointed because I had tried to not use tech and I did and I was also relieved because I had no more urge to watch T.V. Something about T.V it is just nice you just sit and watch. I am relieved that the tech turn off is almost over. I have been feeling very bored I finished my reading and homework so it has been hard most of my free time was filed up with using tech.


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