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Michelle, Techturn-off Reflections

DAY ONE  5/29/12

It’s actually pretty hard to resist using technology for non-school purposes, especially since I usually listen to music on my way to school and back home; it’s my daily routine. So today, I took out my iPod, put one earbud in my ear, and was like, “…Right. The tech turn-off starts today.”
Then, instead of having Taylor Swift sing in my ear while I was reading, I looked out the window of the LIRR while going on to Chapter 5 in my book. It was deadly silent besides the chatter of some of the other people on the train. For me, it was kind of boring and harder to concentrate; I find myself focusing better with music playing.
After school, I dealt with the same problem and was like, “THERE’S AN NBA GAME TODAY.” So, I made my dad tell me every single play that happened instantly. Other than that, I actually had no real trouble because a) my phone’s stashed in my backpack and I hardly use it and b) I had other things to focus on, so I was distracted. During train rides, when I’m bored and have nothing to do, however, I struggle and want technology.
DAY TWO 5/30/12
So today, I didn’t have too much trouble in the morning. I guess that I’m aware of the turnoff, and that I was thinking a LOT to myself.
Even more of my time was taken up today because I had Math Club at school, from 3:40 to 4:40, and after that, I had a piano class. I also purposely left my iPod at home so I wouldn’t be distracted.
Without technology, I really did a lot of thinking on the train. It’s actually kind of relaxing not to have all of the busy notifications for all of the apps I have. When people focus on doing other things, technology is far away.
I still can’t wait until Sunday, though. I’ll probably get a thousand emails from people who don’t have the tech turnoff in their schools.
DAY THREE 5/31/12
I couldn’t avoid technology today for a really lame reason. I had to buy my ticket for the train today. I know, that’s really lame, but it’s still technology, right? The machine has a screen, and everyone relies on the screen to get the ticket they need. It’s kind of weird to write a reflection this long everyday; it’s weird not to do it on a computer too. My hand’s actually getting tired with all this writing. Typing on a keyboard is easier, in my opinion.
Personally, I’m frustrated with this turn-off. I mean, sure, people are getting blander, but at least we still have the ability to twist technology into helping us, right? So in a way, we’re not getting duller. No offense to this tech turn-off, though.
I just can’t wait for the end of it.
To me, this tech turn-off symbolizes how hard it is for me, and possibly other people, to focus on what really matters when there are other tempting things around. For example, I’m trying to finish my social studies obituary, and I’m allured to go check my email when I KNOW that there probably aren’t any super urgent ones.
Am I going TOO deep into technology in regular life? That’s what I got from the tech turn-off.
DAY FOUR 6/1/12
Now, I’m kind of used to this whole “no-tech-for-a-week” zone. Sure, it’s almost the end, but I have to be comfortable during SOME part of it, right?
Now that I think of it, people don’t focus on the actual planet anymore. Today, I saw a man so involved in his Blackberry that he almost caused a crash with two cars. Then, he treaded right onto a blooming flower and I’m like, “…” Can’t he take his eyes off his phone for once? Not to mention that one of the drivers who almost crashed into him was texting while driving.
Without calling my friend for five minutes to catch up on things while walking home from the LIRR station, I feel a gap, as if something’s not there that should be. Technology is sewn into the population of humans so that we actually start to be alert about the blank with technology. Will it feel weird to listen to music on the train again? That’s probably a stupid question, but I really do wonder that.
DAYS FIVE TO SIX6/2/12-6/3/12
It’s the weekend and I’m honestly searching for things to do, so I’m starting to write this. I’ve finished all my homework, just waiting and hoping for the end of the tech turn-off. I know I probably shouldn’t rely on technology to end my boredom, so I started playing badminton at the park earlier. The tech turn-off showed me many bland sides of us. We’re so involved in the Internet, texting, and other things, so that we don’t stop and stop and really appreciate other things. Now, I’m more alert.
What really stands out to me, however, is how much technology can and has changed us. Before, we had no way to check for a map unless we carried one. We had no way of sharing our thoughts with every one at once. Technology changed us so much, but the question is: did it change us for the better or for the worse?


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