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Lynsey Paige S, Tech Turnoff Experience

Technology Log- Day 1

It may be because I had lacrosse practice, which goes pretty late (5:30ish) and then had homework after, or maybe because going a day without unnecessary luxuries is pretty easy considering I went to camp and went 4 weeks without it, and am about to go 7 weeks, but somehow keeping my mind ON keeping myself OFF technology was easy.

Some things I couldn’t avoid even if I tried, such as screens on display windows screaming out to buy a phone plan or a dandruff shampoo. However, I also was personally tempted to check my email and satisfy my needs to see what that red dot indicating a new message was all about. And as much as I could swear the recorded episode of  ‘Full House’ was summoning me towards it, I just got right to homework and whizzed through it. As cheesy as it sounds, I am actually proud of the astonishing self control I didn’t know I had.

Being a human and all, procrastination is just something that not everyone can just…stop doing. During the first day of the tech turnoff, I got my work done ten times faster, since I wasn’t listening to music (which really slows down your thinking train, as I call it) or multitasking in general. Some observations I took was that I was tempted to use things that I wasn’t allowed to, but I didn’t and it sped up my work process. Another thing is that it is extremely easy to just check your phone, email, or watch TV simply out of habit without realizing. Those things I did begin to do, but I thought to myself: NO.

Technology Log- Day 2

I am not going to lie and say that I’m a perfect child who can easily stay away from technology as simply as eating a lollipop. With that, I can say today was harder, but still easy in general.

As I keep observing, technology use is always very within reach, making it easy to just forget that you can’t use this, that, or another. The best way to stop yourself from unknowingly breaking the rules is just to focus on finishing your work, and not on plugged-in things. And for when I have a choice to write or type, I for sure choose to write since there aren’t youtube videos or netflix shows or games on lined paper.

Like yesterday, I had lacrosse, and the game went until 7, which mean I had to get straight to homework after. On a normal week, I, even though needing to finish homework, I would probably watch some TV and zone out to “take a break,” which I always benefited from. Well, now that I think of it, I actually de-benefited from it, if that is even a word. When resisting the urge to watch TV or things like that, I actually got my work done ten times faster. I also learned that I am a textaholic, and I am very…close with my phone.

I’d say difficulty out of 10, 10 being that extremely hard and 1 being super easy, today’s tech turnoff would be a 4.


Technology Log- Day 3

 Another tight day for Lynsey. Today, I had an all day track meet, which means triple  the homework (the usual homework, classwork, and chasing non-trackies for notes that I missed) to do. Even if I could watch TV or listen to Pandora, I still wouldn’t have had time,

However, when I arrived at school, I usually have to text my mom that I made it safely there. Since we could only call, I called my mom and it was actually easier for a bunch of reasons (no matter how silly they sound): a) I knew my mom got the message, because texts take a long time to send, b) she was holding her phone so it was quicker than me typing it, and c) I only had to use one hand.

Also, on the m10 (the central park bus) to school, I usually have a texting conversation with five people at once but instead I just read a book, which, in a way, is more productive and it actually uses your brain.

Other than that, the tech turnoff has been surprisingly easy for me so far, I just have to be mindful of my tech use.

Technology Log- Friday

Out of all the days so far, I think today has been the hardest since there is more time to chill. I usually play sports outside on Friday because there is no rush to go home, but then it started raining so I hurried back. I thought that a good use of my time would be to do homework, but I then I decided that I was going to read a “not-really-a-real-book” book, like the Encyclopedia of Immaturity or Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

After that, I made myself useful and practiced my music song on the guitar, which got boring after 45 minutes considering I had mastered it before I started playing.

Well, there is no denying that it was hard to resist Netflix on a long week like this one, but I pulled through and read Fahrenheit 451 because I knew that was the only productive thing I felt like doing.

Had it not been for the tech turnoff, I probably would have bummed around watching TV or something of the sort. Had it not been raining, that wouldn’t be a problem. Usually on a rainy day like this, I would hang out on the sofa but today, I actually got stuff done.

Well, cheers for a boring Friday- *clink*.

Technology Log – Weekend

The weekend wasn’t all that hard because I was in Pennsylvania, and whenever I am there I swim for 6 hours straight. However, I broke the rules during the car ride there, back, and a 2 hour car ride later (8 hours total) by listening to headphones music. I do have a reason: my dad enjoys listening to history audiobooks for the car ride there, and I cannot stand them- they go on for hours and make me nauseous for some reason. And sometimes I look out the window without music, but its honestly boring after 3 hours. So, I apologize.

Other than that, I was in the car and lake most of the time so I didn’t need anything that was banned.

But what I have been noticing is that when there is more time to hang out, you tend to question why you even bother doing the tech turnoff, because the luxuries are nice to zone out once in a while. But in the end, it felt good to not be so…wasted on these electronic devices that you use for hours every day.

A question, based on that, then came up in my mind- if our whole life was tech turnoff, how many years would we save of our lives?

Just a thought.


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