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Kristen’s Turn-Off Experience


On the first day of the tech turn-off, I walked into the guest room and saw that the TV was still on. I was briefly distracted till I remembered I couldn’t watch TV. I was tempted to look up, but I had self restraint. I think that the hardest thing for me to stop is going to be watching TV. Especially on Friday. When I get home from school on the last day of the week, I don’t have to do homework right away. This is my TV day. It consists of nothing but technology: TV, ipad, computer, TV, TV, and more TV. I hope that this coming Friday is going to have nice weather because I’m going straight to my backyard. In the house I’m too tempted to watch TV because we have a TV in every room. Even now, I hear the TV on in the other room. This is going to be a long week.


Today, I didn’t feel tempted to watch TV at all. I guess it’s because I went downtown to the Lego Store as soon as I got picked up from school. Today was easy because I was distracted. Plus, there were no TVs around. By the time I got home, I was so tempted to play with my Legos that I forgot about TV all together.

Today, I didn’t use any technology that couldn’t be avoided. Yesterday, yes. Today, no. I found out today that if you’re not at home, or at a place with TVs, you won’t be tempted to watch it. It’s not as hard as I thought.


Today, once I finished my homework, I built something with my Legos, then went down to my backyard. I was probably down in my backyard till 7:45 or 8:00. As i have been all week, I was distracted. By the time I got upstairs, there was no time to watch TV. I was a little tempted to, but I was fine.

There wasn’t any technology that I couldn’t avoid because nothing need to be typed. The week seemed to go by so fast. Just to think that tomorrow is already Friday.


Today, my neighbor came over. We didn’t know what to do so we played board games and cards. I would have preferred to watch TV and my sister and neighbor were thinking the same thing. My neighbor was at my house for an hour and a half. After she left, I once again, played with my Legos. Today was pretty boring because today is usually my TV day. The first few days were fine because I was occupied. Lately, I’ve been bored.


I’m glad that it’s the last day. Today was very boring.I couldn’t go to outside cause it was raining and I couldn’t play with my Legos because I had already built something that I didn’t want to take apart just yet. So once I finished my homework, which happened at 4:00, it was time to eat. After eating, I did crossword puzzles and word searches. Later, I just started reading. Today was a pretty slow day like on Friday. Yesterday my two sisters, sister-in-law and mom and I, all went bike riding in central park. it wasn’t too hot yesterday, so it was the perfect day to go. When we got home, my sister and mom and I went to the backyard with our other neighbors. we stayed out there till about 10:30. I wasn’t even thinking about TV. This week, I found out that if you’re occupied, you forget about technology all together.


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