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Julia, My Tech Turn-Off Reflection

Day 1, 5/29.

I didn’t feel like I was going to be extremely annoyed with the tech turn-off for the rest of the week.  I didn’t have difficulty with anything, but music.  I think it was because when I am bored I usually go to music for entertainment.  Instead of using technology I helped with my pets, played baseball, lacrosse. and tennis with my friends.  My friends are getting annoyed with the tech turn-off because, we like to walk by the river and listen to music, but since we can’t, they got pretty mad.  My family is bothered because there are shows we like to watch that we can’t.  It affects my experience because it feels like i’m getting into everyone’s way.  I learned, that for me, I don’t really use that much technology, other than music, and that i could live without technology.

Day 2, 5/30.

Today I felt as if my life was just the same with and without technology.  It felt like this would be really hard, when we first heard of it.  Today I had the smallest temptation to play games on the computer.  I think it came from typing up my homework, I would usually play games but, I didn’t.  Instead of using technology, I went running with my friends.  My patents are getting even more annoyed every time a new show is being recorded.  This affects my experience because, they watch other show on TV while i’m in the same room as them.  I learned that this week wouldn’t be too hard, and that I don’t spend my life depending on technology.  I found that I don’t use that much technology.

Day 3, 5/31.

Today passed by easily.  The no-tech usage is growing on me more and more each day.  Right now, and the days before I have not been annoyed, but I’m worried that later this week i will want to use technology really badly.  Today I had no temptation to use any technology what-so-ever.  I was really amazed at how well I was doing.  My parents decided to watch the TV shows without me, so next week I might use extra technology.  I got my friends to do the Tech Turn-off too, so now we don’t feel as bothered, and they got their other friends to try it as well.  I learned that all those people who tell kids to go play outside are right, I’m having lots of fun.  Now I know that I don’t need technology to have fun.

Day 4, 6/1.

For me, today was easier than yesterday.  Since it’s Friday, my schedule is full of sports.  Instead of  sitting by the pool and listening to music, I was helping the other kids, my coach was really happy and it was fun to be in the pool for extra time, I might even do that instead, every week.  Now that I’m reading more, I can clean off my shelf of old books that I have read a million times, and get all new ones to occupy my new time.  People around me, and frequently in my life are getting used to the no-tech usage.  Today I realized the same thing I do almost every day; that is how I don’t use that much technology.  I also noticed that I really wanted to play on my phone.  My house was empty, and I almost slipped up.  I caught my self before i got to my phone.

Day 5, 6/2.


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