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Joey – My Tech Turn-off Reflections

Day 1

Today it was very easy to hold off the electronics, although I did use my phone to call my dad. I had no urges to use any electrical devices for recreational purposes.Since it is only the first day, I am having no problems not using any recreational electrical devices.
Usually, at the dinner table, my mom and I watch television, but today, we had a conversation instead. I didn’t zone out on my T.V. like I  always do,  and it felt better. I felt more awake and aware.
Since I also made my mom and dad do tech-turnoff, they are going through withdrawal. My dad likes to play this game called “Tomb Raider”, and now that he can’t play it, he has nothing to do but work at night. My mom also cannot shop online, since that kind of technology is not used for “work.”
I learned that I actually don’t use technology that often, although some other kids do, because today it wasn’t that hard to keep myself from using technology for recreational purposes.
I actually did encounter technology that I couldn’t avoid, though. I have to call my dad every day of the week, and he gets really upset if I don’t. I had to use the phone if I didn’t want to madden him.
I also had to use technology for a class project. I had to remind my friend, Lorenzo, to print some questions for a trial.

Day 2

I felt way more productive today than I have felt any other week because the video games didn’t distract me from my work. I finished all my schoolwork that is due tomorrow in less than an hour and even did some work that was due next week.
It was still pretty easy to keep off the electronic devices today although it got a tiny bit harder. My prediction is that the third and fourth days will be the hardest, but then tech-turnoff will get easier since I will get used to living without electronics.
There was a temptation to check my email, but I quickly got over it and went back to work. Also, when I was done calling my dad, I found myself opening up a game on my phone. I guess that I have done that so much that it has become a habit.
Instead of using technology. I did more work and when I had finished, I read the first book of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series again. I read and played basketball outside instead of playing games on the computer or my phone. I am surprised that it was actually a lot more fun.
It is actually not that hard not to use electronics. I thought that i would be going through withdrawal on the first day, but I am not.
I did not encounter any real technology that I couldn’t resist. Although I had my phone, I could resist the temptation to use it for recreational purposes.
This is turning out to be a lot easier than I thought. It is not that hard to resist the temptation.

Day 3

Actually, tech-turnoff feels exactly like a video game ban. Although it isn’t that hard to do it, I feel like I did something so bad that the punishment was no video games for a week.
I am tempted to check my email, but why should I care? After all, my classmates are doing tech-turnoff too. Basically, my friends will not email me because they do not have permission to.
As I predicted, today is the hardest out of Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. I am not sure if tomorrow will be easier or harder.
Since it is almost the end of the week, I feel that I will have more access to electronics. But in the back of my mind, I know that there will not be any opportunities to play any electronics.
I am trying to conserve as much energy as humanly possible. Someone told me that most people use twenty hours of technology a week! If you multiply that by seven billion, which is more or less the number of people on earth, you get a whopping one hundred forty billion hours  or technology used a week! That just goes to show how much people are addicted to their phones, Ipads, laptops, and e-readers.
Even though I only spend about five and a half hours a week of technology, I am still trying to use less. People use a lot of electricity these days, and we cannot just consume, consume, consume.

Day 4

Now that it is Friday, I feel more free. But deep down, I know that that is not true. I still cannot interact with any electronic devices. Usually, I do not use any technology during the weekdays, and use it all during the weekend, so my mind thinks that I can consume technology.
My prediction was not correct. Now that it is the end of the week, I feel more inclined to use technology for leisure time, therefore it is still getting harder to resist. At night, I found myself trying to check my email, but I quickly shut my computer. My mom and dad can check their emails whenever they want, and they say that it is for “work” purposes. I am starting to think that that is not the actual reason.
Instead of using technology, I am rereading the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series again, like I said on Tuesday. In fact, I am reading the fourth book today. I will also probably go to sleep early, since I have nothing else to do. For the whole week, I have been dying to type my homework assignments, but that would be kind of ironic, since I am doing the tech-turnoff for school.
I am surprised that I actually did not play video games or watch TV at all this week. I thought that I would be slipping up five or six times. However, I have not done anything related to recreational activities on the computer at all since Monday, and tech-turnoff started on Tuesday.

Day 5

On Saturday, I woke up and went for my computer, but then I remembered that I had tech-turnoff. What a disappointment. But, I didn’t have anything else to do, so I went back to my bed and fell asleep again.
When I woke up again at 12:45, I asked myself, “You slept that long? You’ve got to check your email!” My brain was like my computer, saying,”You’ve got mail! You’ve got mail! You’ve got mail!” I wanted to pacify the urge, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to do tech-turnoff for five days, and then break my promise on the last day. I needed to show myself that I didn’t completely rely on technology for entertainment, that I could go for a week without technology, unlike some others who really could not.
I had a baseball game today, so that took up two hours of my time. Since I was spending a lot of time with my dad at his job, I really didn’t have enough time to play any video games.
Now that it is Sunday, the urge to play video games is bigger than ever. Today was the hardest day to suppress the temptations. My dad asked me if I wanted to see a movie, but I reminded him that it was tech-turnoff week.
I am thinking about staying up until 12:00 A.M. to play video games. Am I really that desperate? I decided that no, I am not that desperate, and it is also a school night, so I have to get some sleep. I need to quell these temptations, stop being an addict, and just go to sleep. I have survived tech-turnoff week, and I don’t need and electronics right now.

Even though I only spend about five and a half hours a week of technology, I am still trying to use less. People use a lot of electricity these days, and we cannot just consume, consume, consume.


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