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Jessie, Technology Turnoff Experience

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Today is the first day of the technology turnoff. I want to start with saying that I didn’t use my phone today. I also noticed that I barely have any loose leaf paper. I took about five minutes finding loose leaf paper because I usually use the computer. It is very hot today. I wonder if we are allowed to use the air conditioner or fan or not. Right now, I am writing before I’m doing my homework. I have a bibliography due tomorrow for Social Studies and I have to do it on the computer because my document is on the computer and my links are online too. I also have science definitions due on Thursday but I forgot to bring my science notebook home. Since I am not allowed to use the computer, I have to hand write it. I will also use a dictionary instead of dictionary.com because I am not allowed to use it for purposes where I am not forced to.

I just finished doing all of my homework. I did my Social Studies bibliography on the computer. Sadly, it took longer than I hoped because I ate dinner in the middle of that. I think the computer was on for more than two hours! That’s bad. I actually think it isn’t hard to stop using technology. Instead, I can do other things I usually don’t get to do. I also noticed that without my email open or me chatting with someone, my work gets done faster. Technology is a big distraction to everyone. I found that out today because I finished my homework faster than any other days. If everyone didn’t use any excess technology than they are supposed to for one whole day, everyone would be done with their work early.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Today is the second day of the turnoff and I feel tired. I didn’t use my phone again today! I needed to ask Michelle the homework because i wasn’t at school today. I feel bad about using my computer, but the good news is that all of my homework isn’t on the computer. I will read a book, yet again today, if I have any time left over today to do something. I will use the dictionary for the science definitions. I don’t have a dictionary though. Yes, I know that is very sad but I have an electronic dictionary so i used that.

Today, not going to school ruined everything. I didn’t have my science notebook again, so I had to ask Michelle for the words, just like the homework. I also didn’t hand in my bibliography so I couldn’t do anything with it. I also handed something in that I never got back from Social Studies so I don’t know if she decided to hand it back today. I can’t ask anyone about that; I don’t know what to do.

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Today, I didn’t use technology at school or at home. Everyone else in my family did use technology and they always did. My mom is usually annoyed when I don’t use my phone, especially this week. I didn’t use my phone since last Friday! For school homework, I have my obituary due on Monday. Apparently yesterday Mrs. Feick did hand out the stuff. She wasn’t here today because she was on the Boston trip and she isn’t going to be here tomorrow either. How am I supposed to do that paragraph? I also need the computer for that, and I can’t ask anyone for it either, because it is my obituary.

It is hard not to use technology because you see people everywhere with their phone or some sort of electronic device. I didn’t use any technology today, and I worked until 11:00 PM.

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Today, I need to study. It is not for Anderson but something else. I wanted to use flashcards, but it would take too much time. Instead, I used my ipod touch. I actually did use my itouch to study. YES, I DID STUDY!!!! It actually didn’t work out well so my mom took it away. 😦

I know I have said this many times but technology distracts me very much. I’ve learned that during the week. I usually sleep very late but I didn’t this week because I didn’t use technology. If I chat with my friends or go on my email, I would sleep at 11:00 PM but I slept at 10:00 PM. That’s an hour difference!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 and Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

I am writing this on Sunday only also to tell about what happened on Sunday. It is the last day of the tech turnoff! I feel happy that I am getting my technology back but personally, I don’t use much of it for recreation anyway. I thought it was easier to go through the weekend because it seemed as if i was taken away from technology. Apparently, I never told my sister about my technology turnoff, so I have to suffer with the TV on.

Instead of watching the TV, I went to the park, but that was yesterday. Today, I went to a restaurant for brunch. I also read a book, as I normally do, and I did some of my homework.

I’ve learned that technology is in our lives a lot, especially in mine. I’ve found out that if technology didn’t exist, my arm would not be a part of my body anymore. I use technology for a lot of homework purposes. Almost everywhere I turn, I see everyone in their headphones zoning out the world around themselves. Technology shouldn’t do that to people. I’ve learned that.


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