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Jake, My Turn-Off Experience

Reflection: Day 1. Tuesday, May 29

The tech turn-off has become like a prison to me. Not a prison of brick and iron, but a prison of mandatory self-restraint. An analog prison of which there is no escape. The key, a rectangle of letters, circuitry, plastic, and screens, is dangled in front of my face. How much longer shall they dangle the key to my cell just outside of my grasp? It taunts me. Taunts me to the point of madness, to the point of insanitary. I see people come and go outside the bars. Each a blur of music, flashing lights and colors, and fingers flying across a keyboard.

These are my thoughts now. The tech turn-off is so annoying! I keep feeling my hands reaching for the remote or my computer and I keep having to pull them away. My mom is no help. She isn’t doing the tech turn-off, and she spends a lot of time on the computer. Fencing is no help. Many of the kids there have iPhones or iPads, and they use them at every free period they get. Sometimes I need to go to the locker room just to get away from it all. The commute to and from school every day is probably going to be especially infuriating. I was absent today, so I don’t know exactly how bad it will be, but I have to take two busses to get to school, and a subway and a bus to get back so I have a pretty good idea. Being absent was very bad. I finished my book, so I have nothing to do for the entire day.   

Reflection Day Two. Wednesday, May 30

Things have gotten a lot better. I went to the library to get some books. My mom uses her computer a lot, but mostly in her room. Actually, a very creepy thing is happening. I keep involuntarily reaching for the computer or the remote. It is really hard to stop myself. I usually check my email after school, and then I play some games on the computer. Next, I will go to my fencing class. When I come home, I will do some homework. Finally, I will read or watch T.V. until dinner. Now I just read the whole time. So far today I have read 286 pages. It is a book about an expedition to Mt. Everest. During the trip, severe weather ends up killing eight people. The book is very good.

Reflection Day Three. Thursday, May 31

I have been very busy today. I had to go strait from school to a private fencing lesson, followed immediately by a group fencing lesson that ended at 7:00 p.m. Next I had to go to dinner with some relatives. When I finally got home, it was 10:00 p.m. and I had to do my homework. I noticed something at school. If you go to public school, it is impossible to avoid technology. Mr. Conway, my science teacher, uses the smart board to teach almost every lesson. My social studies teacher, Mrs. Feick, shows slide shows and documentaries often. In Spanish class we are presenting our PowerPoint projects. Modern education involves a lot of tech.

Reflection Day Four. Friday June First

Today is especially hard because it is Friday, the day that I have the most free time. I can feel my fingers inching towards the remote. My commute to school has been very infuriating. Today I counted six smartphones out of seven people in the back of the bus. My friends from outside of school are very mean. They use as much technology as possible around me. I want to check my email so badly. I have finished all of my books. I was very disappointed because I thought the tech turn-off was ending today. The weekend shouldn’t be a problem, though. I have so many plans that I doubt I will have any free time.

Reflection Day 5. Weekend, June 2 and 3

The weekend has been very easy. I was extraordinarily busy. Between homework, a fencing competition three birthday parties, and several relatives coming to the city, I had very little free time. The birthday parties were painful. One was in a video arcade, so I basically spent the entire party sitting in the lobby. Another birthday party was a food tour of Times Square. So many video billboards! They were impossible to avoid. Then one of my friends got an iPhone. It was so tormenting. Everyone was crowding around, talking about what apps and what music to get, and how they should take pictures of everyone. Meanwhile, I was just sitting in the corner. It was very depressing.


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