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Irene, Tech Turn-off Experience


What’s kind of funny is instead of becoming creative I’m mostly just sitting around and dreaming about searching the quote Mrs. Freund likes, watching YouTube videos, etc.

All my family is busy, so I can’t do anything with them. I’m not really allowed to go outside by myself. When I have things to do, I don’t even think about technology, but right now I’ve got nothing to do.

In the essay we read in class today, Ray Bradbury claimed people should read, write, and think instead of being transfixed to a screen, but I think that in this day and age it’s hard to be an intelligent human being without using technology. Mindless entertainment is mostly what one finds on a computer, but there’s also news, Word, SketchUp, eBooks, Wikipedia… the list is too long to even begin.

I’m getting the feeling that without technology, I’ll be as productive as a cow.

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I know its been said before, but it really strikes me how much of a habit using technology is. See something cool? Text your friends. Find a funny photo? Make it your status picture. Doing your homework? Absently start playing games. I feel like its more than a habit, though. More like, everything revolves around these devices. It’s hard to imagine what this would be like 24/7 all year round.

Despite what I said before, I think I’m becoming a bit more creative, or at least open to do other things. I wrote a letter to my cousin Hannah and contemplated coding it and putting secret messages under a homemade wax seal. I also wrote congratulation letters to my cousins who are graduating from high school and college.

As I write this, I realize I broke the rules: I watched “Modern Family” with my family, without even noticing what I was doing. This enforces what I said before: watching screens is impossible to separate from our daily lives.

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http://vodpod.com/watch/5398858-the-technology-loop-portlandia (or just search Portlandia Technology Loop on YouTube)


There’s so much technology you can’t avoid. For example, in science class Mr. Conway almost always uses the SmartBoard for his lessons; my social studies obituary must be typed; and in English we almost watched the rest of “Inherit the Wind.” It’s funny to think that you can’t even avoid technology in the place that tells you to avoid it.

My family isn’t making much of an effort to ignore their devices. However, my family doesn’t use much technology, so if they did do the Tech Turn-Off, they wouldn’t be changing their lifestyle much.

In some cases it’s hard to tell what’s entertainment and what’s necessary. For example, watching Monty Python for music class. What is and isn’t allowed is one challenge this week.

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The fact that my family is still using technology is making my experience harder:

  1. It tempts me to use technology.
  2. Sometimes I have to use technology if they are.
  3. Their indifference annoys me.

Today, however, I was too busy attending piano lessons and piano recitals to care about screens I could be staring at. Considering it was the first time I’d seen my cousins in months, we mostly talked.

What may or may not be surprising is that it’s harder to find things to do than it is to avoid switching on the computer. For example, everyone always says “Get some exercise!” but no one really wanted to go to the park. If the purpose of this week was to get our creativity and physical activity flowing…well, it didn’t work.

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It’s the last day of keeping my devices off, and I would like to say something dramatic that will enlighten the world. Unfortunately, the difference between what I would like to say and what I will say is very big. Except for the fact that I got my homework done faster, this week didn’t really teach me much about how to live my life.

What I found difficult or confusing about today was that that I couldn’t avoid technology without being obnoxious or antisocial. For example, my sister and cousin wanted to play on the computer after playing outside for an hour. I couldn’t just do something else because we only had a handful of hours together.

Later on my family went to a few science presentations that used screens. I couldn’t refuse to watch them (you had to pay to get in), just like coming back in the car I couldn’t tell my sister she couldn’t listen to the radio when she was bored out of her wits (I was reading.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is despite all the rules about this week, I was often unsure what was acceptable.

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