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Felix, a Turn-off Reflection

Tuesday, May 29

I’m not used to not listening to music, looking at my email, or doing anything fun at all while I work. I’m also unused to writing everything since I usually type. My spelling, grammar, and handwriting are all horrible and I hold a pencil horribly. I really want to watch YouTube while I work, play a game or two or 60 (Just kidding), or even just go to check my email, but since tech turn off has started, I am forbidden to. I once accidentally checked my email without noticing, then punished myself when I realized that I wasn’t allowed to. Right now, I am tempted to check an email, or go to YouTube, or just go do something else. Today, the radio was unavoidable. My mom, who said she was going to do it as well, didn’t last for five minutes before listening to music. To avoid playing, I swam, then ate, then finally used the computer. My sister is just watching tv here, playing computer there, and it’s hard not to just look on with her. Some people have already given up (                   ,  for example).  The temptations were great, and I unconsciously looked on.

Wednesday, May  30

Instead of using the computer. I read books, played the piano, and was about to play chess to relive myself of the temptations of video games. My mom was supposed to be lasting a week without her electronics too,  but she gave up trying after a long 3 hours. Every single moment of my awake life, I am thinking of using a video game while I work. whether it’s YouTube I want or the Wii. Instead of using this Wii, or YouTube, or the television, or anything else remotely fun for that matter, I went swimming, went outside, and slept early. Today, the television and radio were all unavoidable, for my mom insists on using the radio in the car and watching the NBA on television.

Thursday, May 31

Today I went swimming, which took off some time from what would be time where I could play games. I also read a new book and did homework. In fact, homework, and lots of homework, are a great way to pass time and forget about homework, especially if you are trying not to think about all the games you could be playing, from the Wii, to the computer, to checking your email and Facebook and Twitter and even going to the radio for music. Swimming for an hour and a half also helps to use time without the games and music, but then again,  anything that takes time is helpful, from reading to playing a sport to school or even just sleeping. Today, the radio (as always) was unavoidable  since my mom “Can’t live without her music.”

Friday, June 1

Today, I went to piano class for another hour and a half, then tried to go to my boy scouts, which unfortunately was closed for the third week in a row. After getting home, I ate dinner and then did homework, then read a few books. Today, nothing was unavoidable (thankfully). The book-reading took time, and being long, were especially helpful. Piano also took lots of time, and of course, school was 9 long hours that I didn’t have to think about computers and games.

Sunday, June 3

Today, I went to piano class again for another hour and a half. When I got home, , I went swimming, Read books, and took basketball lessons. They took up most of my time, and the rest was spent on homework, piano, food, and books. The radio and TV and computer all weren’t avoidable today, but I just ignored it.Yesterday, however, I slipped up when I forgot about tech turn-off in McDonald’s game room. To make up, I did yard work and went swimming. The game room and the radio weren’t avoidable.


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