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Edward: The Experience

Day 1

It was not hard to avoid technology when I was sitting down or just being bored, as I like to read a lot; so when I am bored my instinct is not to pick up the remote, it is to pick up a book. however, when I was doing my bibliography, I realized that the first thing I opened was not Google Docs, but my email. Luckily, no one was on at the time, so I didn’t have anyone to distract me. I realized that I rarely use technology during the weekdays. There are only two pieces of technology I cannot avoid. These are texting and email. Texting is like talking, without having to be in the same place, as is chatting. I always like to find the more efficient way to do things, or lazy way, as my parents call it. Also, when someone texts me, I feel I have to reply, and we end up in deep conversation. All in all, it was not a hard as I thought.

Day 2

Just like yesterday, avoiding technology was pretty easy. Because I did not have any homework on the computer, it was easy to avoid chatting, as I always have something else to do besides using electronic devices. There are a lot of distractions at my house. There is a television right when I walk in the door, and two computers in the study room where I do my work. However, these did not tempt me. Like yesterday, I read some books if I got bored. I also went to the park, and that takes time. I have found out that I do not use as much technology as I thought. I mainly use electronics on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, when I do not have as much work to do. Today, I did not text as much, nor check my email (yet), and I am not using as much technology.

Day 3

Just like both days before, it was easy to resist electronic usage. I did not find myself in front of a screen of any kind, except for calling. I had no homework on the computer again, so I did not check my email. My parents were using computers, which made it slightly more tempting for me, but I resisted the urge. Today, I also went grocery shopping with my mom, so it distracted me from electronic usage It seems like some people have to try to resist technology, some do it naturally, and some don’t care. I have realized that technology can be replaced by other things on the weekdays, but by the weekends, I doubt I’ll still be able to keep that. I was able to avoid all technology today, including my email and texting. Hopefully, Friday will stay the same.

Day 4

 Today, I was still holding back on technology. I sent a few texts, and that was about it. However, as time went by and it got closer and closer to the weekends, I felt myself getting twitchy. It was much more difficult today, and I almost had to turn my phone on vibrate, because whenever someone sends me a ext, I feel obliged to reply. This way, I wouldn’t have seen the texts. I also played some card games, mainly for fun, but partially so I could avoid electronics. I realized that my brain considered Friday a kind of half weekend, and that was why it was much harder to control myself today. I practiced a lot of piano, because I had a warm up the next day. This helped me avoid technology, and eventually the day went by.

Day 5

Just as I suspected, it was much harder to avoid electronic devices today. Saturday was not bad, because I had my piano warm up and I had to practice a lot. Unfortunately, Sunday was like a bomb. My family went to my cousins house, and they obviously  did not have a tech-turnoff as well. So, everyone using electronics, and it was mind numbing. Also, we were one of the first ones there, so as I was waiting for the other children to arrive, I found myself mindlessly texting Once they got here, it was even worse. Everyone was either talking, playing computer, playing WII, or watching TV. The children went out to play handball eventually, and at night we went to catch fireflies. But, when we were inside, I completely forgot about the tech-turnoff. I realized Saturday and Sunday are horrible days for avoiding technology, and I used a lot more technology on those days.


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