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Daniel, My Turn-off Experience

Day 1: 5/29/12

It has been tempting to use my electronic devices and emotionally challenging, knowing that my daily routine has been altered.  I would forget about tech turn-off for a second and when I would sit down in front of my computer, it would then it me that I could not browse the web or play games.
Though it has been a confusing experience so far, today I was much more efficient than usually and I had the time to focus on more important topics like packing for camp.  I felt more open and free, instead of secluded in my own little electronic world.  I could process ideas more clearly and I didn’t feel so braindead.

There were still distractions throughout my day.  While I was on the internet (google docs) for social studies homework, I knew with the simple click of the mouse, I could easily access my email.  Thankfully, I resisted the temptations.

Another motivating temptation was the fact that I was constantly witnessing my family members on technology.  Yet, this was still manageable,for me.

I have successfully made it through day one.  My experience with tech turn-off has been fine so far.

Day 2: 5/30/12

Today for some apparent reason, it wasn’t so challenging staying off technology.  When I got home I realized how much I had to do and and didn’t even think about using technology.  From Bar Mitzvah prep to camp packing, zoning out wasn’t really an option.  I’m definitely more efficient and progressed in a lot of my work.  On the tech I found out that I only use about five to ten hours of of technology. a week, so this is not a giant sacrifice for me.
There was also less temptations for me today because I had less homework that required using the internet or Word.  When you get so invested in other work or activities, it is much easier to resist the temptations from using my computer.  I have learned that I am much better at avoiding electronic devices than I previously thought.
I feel that this experience has been healthy for me.  It is always good to try new things that could also be beneficial in many ways.  Using too much technology will give one more radiation than he or she needs to have in his or her body.

It still feels strange though knowing that I can’t freely access the internet if my heart truly desired so.  All in all tech turn-off week continues to be an interesting experience filled with joy and temptation.

 Day 3: 5/31/12

Avoiding technology has become a daily routine.  Though it is not the easiest rule to follow, I am managing it better than I initially presumed.  What this experience has really showed me is that technology is a huge part of my life, about which I don’t often think.

My experience doing the tech turn-off seems to be getting easier each day.  The more I adapt to resisting technology, the simpler it gets to follow the turn-off.  I just know mindlessly to not use electronics, while on the first day where I would constantly forget to avoid technology.

The distractions were less today because I didn’t want see my family members on their devices as much as before.  Also, when I arrived at my house, both of my iMacs were turned off; I didn’t want to have to turn them on for usage.  My biggest temptation though was when I sat down at my desk and saw my fully-charged ipad right before my eyes.  I was able to resist the temptation.

Tech turn-off week continues to make a bigger impact on me and keeps me efficient in all my work.  It also gives me an opportunity to focus on different things and explore new topics. At the end of day three I am satisfied.

Day 4: 6/1/12

During the week, turning off technology wasn’t so challenging.  I had extra curricular activities and when I got home, I went straight to doing homework.  Opportunities to use technology didn’t often seem possible.  Now it is Friday and I have no homework due tomorrow.  After two hours of violin on Fridays, I am offaly tired and can’t wait to go home and use technology.

It was hard to resist the many temptations of electronics.  The hardest part was knowing that game 3 of the Celtics vs. Heat series was well underway.

This did give me an opportunity to practice hebrew for my Bar Mitzvah and catch up on my sleeping.  This day, so far has probably been the most challenging because it is a weekend night.  I still look at this experience in a positive light.

I did slip up for only for only 5 minutes to watch part of the basketball game.  I could no resist the temptations of checking the score of the game.  Aside from my ipad and the basketball game, there weren’t many other distractions that i had to avoid.  I feel that I am benefiting from tech turn-off week and I am motivated to do other things in my time.

Day 5 & 6: 6/3/12

After my challenges on Friday, I tried to get into the mindset of not using technology for the entire weekend.  I am happy to say that basically all of my technology use this weekend was for educational and school purposes.  I had so many other things to do, that there really wasn’t a chance for me to use electronics.  Part of the time I was outdoors enjoying the weather.

The only time I used technology between Saturday and Sunday was when I drove up to my Grandma’s house and I watched a movie in the car.  I don’t count it as slipping up though, because watching movies keep me from obtaining a upset stomach.  Beside that, I did not use any electronics devices for unnecessary reasons.

As the school year winds down, I always tend to become more and more busy.  Efficiency is key and critical in these last few weeks of school.  Turning off tech has really helped me be more efficient and on top of things this week.  From homework to studying hebrew, my time has been much more wisely spent.

This experience continues to be beneficial for me in many ways.  It has taught me that technology is a big part of my life which consumes a lot of precious time.  I have also learned that when I don’t use technology I am much more productive with my work.  At the conclusion of this week, I feel like a strong and more efficient person.


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