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Charlie, My Tech Turn Off Experience


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tonight felt a little different without technology. I did use my computer for homework but it was weird, not being able to drift off, oh so innocently, doing something non-work related.   I do use technology for recreational purposes but I don’t want to sound like someone who spends too much time using technical devices and just can’t live without them. I realized how many times I reach for the television remote. I realized how easy it is to get off track while I do my homework on the computer. When I go online to do research, the pop-up ads grab my attention.  My internet browser  is set to bring up the New York Times, first thing.   It’s easy to see how someone can get distracted.  For example,  you begin to read an interesting science article which reminds you to also check your email about a lunch date with your friend that you had arranged after your science class. This reminds you to call your other friend about tomorrow’s softball game and so on. Though none of this actually happened, it is so easy to get sidetracked if you don’t exercise discipline.  It  became apparent when I did not allow myself to wander off in some irrelevant direction.

Instead of using technology tonight, I started a new book called “The Starters.” The book has some mature content but either way, the plot is interesting. Later, I went out to eat Thai food with my mom and dad.  Luckily, the restaurant did not have a T.V. or radio so it was easy to relax and take my mind off of technology for awhile. Even though  I haven’t really felt a big difference, I can tell that this might be a long week.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tonight it was easier managing without technology. This is most likely because I, one, already know how it feels, not being able to use technology, and two, anticipated what I would do this evening, having already gained the experience from last night. One might think as each day passes, the situation can only feel worse and that the lifestyle can only feel more and more empty without  certain habits, during something such as the tech turnoff. I believe that the only reason why this is not true (for now), is that not enough time has passed in order for me to feel the impact from the blow of the off switch.

Throughout the night, I had the temptation to turn on the television and watch a Harry Potter movie, which I think, resulted from watching other movies from that series over the weekend. At times the urge would take me by the arms and yank me out of my concentration, but I would have to wriggle free and get back to whatever it was that I was doing. Tonight I did my homework and practiced my two cello pieces. These two activities I would have done regardless of whether or not I could use technology, as practicing cello and homework are both mandatory. Since they are mandatory, I would not exactly say that I did that instead of using technology. I did, however, do things instead of electronics that truly count as “Instead of.” I continued to venture off in “The Starters” which I started on Tuesday. I drew in a sketchbook and I also worked on one of those spherical puzzles of the globe. Day two of tech turnoff week has almost passed by and so far so good but at any moment, the coin can flip.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

As Thomas A. Edison once said “Discontent, is the first necessity of progress.” Under the words of Edison, tonight I showed my first true sign of progress this week in terms of the turn off. It was a lot harder to keep my actions electronically-free. Well, not exactly electronically-freesince I use the computer for science homework. I feel a little guilty since I found myself getting a bit sidetracked due to the pop-up ads on dictionary.com. I constantly feel like a rider on the bucking bronco trying desperately to keep my grasp on the raging bull. After what seems a long time, my hands start to blister from the rough saddle handles and my tight grip loosens. But before I get thrown onto the dust-covered ground, I instantly grab on to the handle again, bearing the blisters.

Instead of using technology, I practiced the cello, which I know I would have done anyway.  I also did crafts. After three days, I have finally begun to feel slightly unhappy with not being able to use technology.

Friday, May 31, 2012

Fridays are the days when people relax. The days when people enjoy kicking back on the couch after a long week. Some people spend their Fridays on the computer. Others like to read. I don’t want to sound like a T.V. junkie by saying this, because I’m not, but after my science class at the museum on Fridays, I like to watch movies and television shows. This Friday,  I got kind of tired of playing games with my mom, I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t feel like reading my book, and I was NOT doing homework on Friday. Homework is a weekend problem NOT a Friday hold-up. After getting annoyed tonight, I realized how dependent I was on watching T.V on Fridays. What can I say? It is nice to just be able to zone out sometimes. That big black screen was just sitting there in the middle of the living room, mocking me with its silence. (At one point, I got so tempted that I actually turned the T.V. on but that doesn’t really count because five seconds later my mom turned it right off.)

 I was not going to play any more board games, I was not going to read, I WAS NOT going to do my homework so I ended up making brownies with my mom. This was actually quite fun since I came up with the idea to spread marshmallows over the the top of the dessert about halfway through the oven-baking process. This browned the marshmallows in the middle and flattened them out making them look sunny side-up…so, that is was what I called my recipe: brownies sunny-side-up. I think I should come up with another title because it does not sound that appetizing.

Sunday, June 2, 2012

Though I am writing this on Sunday, I am recapping the whole weekend. As the minutes creep by, I can just feel technology coming closer and closer towards me. In less than three hours, I can use technology freely, as I want. I can do as I please and use technology without guilt. Alas, I must confess; I used technology (recreationally) for about a total of 20 minutes. Must an innocent child feel so guilty for using technology for less than an hour over the weekend? Apparently so. I know a few others who have toppled on this slippery slope too so I am not the only one to blame. But for the most part, I survived the tech-turnoff week.

Instead of using technology this weekend, I did my homework, I practiced the cello, I read, I drew, and I ate dinner with my friends. This weekend has felt kind of strange without technology. It almost felt empty in a good way. Well, I am glad that it is the weekend because it has been a long week.


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