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Sophia, Tech Turn-off

I feel like the tech turn-off is a bad idea. I think that almost no one will do it. Those who will do it will be forced to do it. My mom wants me to do it so I will to follow her directions. The tech turn-off is a bit difficult because my email kept telling me to go to chat with my friends and play on Google Plus. But, I didn’t go on the computer once except for homework and emailing my dad my schedule.
Instead of using technology, I read some books, played games, did homework, and helped my sister finish her homework. So far, I didn’t learn anything from this experience today. Fortunately, I did not slip or get tempted.
I could not avoid doing homework (I wish) so I needed to use the computer. I could not avoid contacting my parents so I needed to use my phone. At school, we used the smart-board in science and computers in social studies and Spanish.

I still feel the same as I did yesterday. This tech turn-off thing is annoying and not helpful. Anyways today was easy. I only use the computer for social studies and science homework. It was mostly easy because I had a lot of homework and I went to bed pretty early. I didn’t have enough time to slip or get distracted. I was tempted though to watch an episode or movie.
Instead of using technology, I read “Fahrenheit 451” and lay in my bed for a while. I also wrote a letter to my relatives and I plan to send it tomorrow.
So many people are not doing the tech turn-off. This does not affect me though. A couple classmates were trying to chat with me but I just left to avoid even more temptation.
I did not learn anything about technology so far. I can see how people are attached to technology but I am not so attached.
I needed to use my phone to tell my parents where I was and what I was doing. In school, I used a computer for science and social studies.

I feel that this actually has an impact on me. I am starting to use less and less technology and I want to use it less. Today was not hard at all even though my sister was begging for a movie and was very convincing.
Instead of watching a movie, I watched a play in the park with my friends. Afterwards, we all played tag and flag football. My friend, Emily, was playing on her iPhone a lot, but I didn’t get tempted.
I’m slowly realizing how important technology is to me and other people. ON the bus, on the way home, almost everyone was on their phone playing games. I was not surprised.
I could not avoid using my phone or computer for homework. Also, at school, I could not avoid using technology like the computer and the smart-board.

I feel that I actually enjoy not using technology. I feel more relaxed when I am not on the computer chatting for hours. Maybe the tech turnoff is not such a bad idea. I am not getting tempted or distracted with technology anymore. It is so much easier to avoid technology these days. I must have gotten use to not using technology.
Most of my friends were using technology but I was not tempted to look over their shoulders and watch them play. Instead of playing on the computer, I watched a play made by seventh graders at my friends’ school with them. True, the seventh graders used technology like lights and microphones to make the play better but most of it was acting. After the play, my friend, her sister, my sister and I made a dance for the parents. It was hilarious and we all enjoyed it.
None of my family used that much technology so I didn’t slip at all!
At school, we used the smart-board and computers for a bit of time. Outside of school, I could not avoid using my phone to contact my parents and using the computer for homework.

So far, I have learned that I don’t need technology as much as I thought I did. I am not tempted or distracted to slip any more except my family watched a movie with an excuse. The weekend is the only time we can be together and do a family activity and that particular weekend, we had nothing on our schedule to do.
Instead of playing on the computer and texting, I cleaned my whole room with my mom and my sister. It was so tiring but at least I didn’t use any technology to clean my room. Too bad robots cannot do that for us. I wish they could.
I only used the computer to do my social studies homework and my phone to call my parents. When my parents, my sister and I were walking on the street, I saw a lot of TVs and commercials. I definitely could not avoid peeking at them when my sister was yelling “LOOK AT THAT! IT IS SO COOL!” all the time. I guess I got a bit tempted then.


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