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Max, Turnoff Experience


         This tech turnoff is making me feel horrible.  When I work all day I get tired. When I get tired I need something to calm me down and help me relax.  When I don’t watch TV, nothing calms me down and because of that I get less sleep.  It is very difficult when I am using the computer for school work, not to go off and play games is hard.  Technology makes it so easy to get from one thing to another so it is easy to switch from working to gaming. My biggest distraction is the TV.  It is 46 inches and it stares at me when I do my homework.  It is hard not to press the power button on the switch and doze off for an hour.  My mom really wants to help so she is also doing the tech turnoff for anything but work. Some people who have annoying sisters or brothers are probably annoyed because the brothers and sisters get to watch TV but their sibling does not.  I am learning that technology can easily control but when you do a tech turnoff week it helps you understand just that.


         It is very hard not to slip up and turn on the TV or IPAD.  All of the time I see my hand going for the remote and I stop it at the last second.  You never realize how hard it is not to use electricity until you do a full week of tech turnoff.  Technology makes it easy to switch from reading to TV but now that I realize that it is easier to focus on my work.  Today it was not very hard because I had basketball and then I went to Chirping Chicken for dinner so I did not have a lot of time even if I did use electronics.  My mom is still doing the tech turnoff and she is doing as well as me. Today I did not have a lot of time that I would use electronics because I got home at 7:30 rather than 3:30.


         This tech turnoff is getting easier than the past few days. I am now getting used to no electricity and I am spending more time out side. Today I got home at 8:00 eastern standard time so I barely had enough time even if I was to use electronics.  Today instead of using electricity I ran on treadmill downstairs in my gym and I read a book, which would be illegal in Montag’s world.  The biggest temptation for me today was the IPAD because it’s place in my apartment is on the footrest; when I lie down on the couch it is hard not to pick it up and play on it for a long period of time.  When I did the tech log last week I realized that I did not use that many hours compared to other people.  I thought I used so much electricity but I actually did not use that much.


         I got through the week but now here comes the hard part.  My life is the exact opposite of the people in Fahrenheit 451 where they treasure TVs and burn books because they say that books are loaded guns.  They put these things called seashells in their ears, which blocks them out from the entire world.  I have to read a lot and not use electricity that the people in Fahrenheit 451 treasure.  This weekend is going to be hard but I think I can make it through without using electricity.  I have basketball three times for two hours each so that will be an up side to the weekend.  What ever happens at least I tried.


         The tech turnoff is almost over!  Only one night left until I can use the TV again and the IPAD.  Tonight I almost tripped up because I was doing my social studies homework and I almost clicked on another tab and played games but I did not.  Because I almost switched, I realized how easy It is to click on another tab in the computer and play games for an hour. Then you are scrambling to finish the homework.  Even though tomorrow I am going to wake up and watch TV, I  still believe this was a great experience.


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