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Servio’s Tech Turn-Off Experience

Day 1, May 29, 2012

I am sad to say that I unknowingly used technology during science, because once my group was done we decided to make a fun video on I movie, which had little relevance to the project. After that incident I decided to give up for the day since Joey was coming over and I knew he wanted to play on the computer. My mom encouraged us to play on the computer because she thinks this tech turnoff is pointless because technology is made to make things easier for us, so why should we stop using it. Also being a 90* day it was too hot to go outside and it was still slightly warm even with the AC on high.  I was tempted while looking up words for my science homework I was so tempted to go on a “link quest” where I look something up and click 10 links and laugh at how irrelevant the 10th link was to what I started with.

Day 2, May 30, 2012

Today I had no time to use technology because we had some homework, which took a long time; I also had an orthodontist appointment that took up three hours! My math took a while because it was on new stuff and the social studies was to finish the obituary, which took me about an hour. But what took longest was reading Fahrenheit 451 because Ray Bradbury’s style of writing can be very confusing.

Day 3, May 31, 2012

Today I had an all-day track meet where I jumped 13½ feet! After the meet I was so exhausted and I did all my homework at the meet so I had decided would let myself zone out so I listened to music for an hour. Late at night I was tired and decided to let myself play on the computer for a while and then watched TV until I fell asleep.

Day 4, June 1, 2012

Today it was very hard because usually on Friday I annoy riley at the bus stop then go home and do my homework. After my homework I usually play on the computer until my mom tells me to get off  I played for an hour at my grandparents’ house because I am going to my other grandma’s house that has no computer or Wi-Fi.

 Days 5-6, June 2-3 2012

On Saturday I used no technology because I was at my grandma’s house, and they had no computer or Wi-Fi I spent the entire day annoying my parents and my uncle with these little fireworks that you throw on the ground and they pop. On Sunday I used no technology the entire day because I helping my dad fix his old guitar which took half the day. After helping my dad, my mom and dad took my biking in central park.


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