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Philip, My Turnoff Experience

Day 1:

Today the tech turn-off wasn’t too hard. I think that the reason why it wasn’t too hard is I had other activities to do. I had a baseball game after school, got home late, did homework, ate dinner, and went to bed. While I was doing my homework I went on my email to retrieve a document. That was the hardest part of the tech turn-off today. People were online and I had to refrain from chatting with them. It was very hard since I could see my friends online and able to chat. I learned that technology isn’t too hard from which to refrain when I am doing something and am busy. I think I use the most technology to eat up time.
I think he days where I am occupied with other activities will be easiest not to use technology. However, right after I finished with my homework on the computer, I almost found myself slipping up. Without thinking I was about to click on my Gmail to chat. It is very hard not to use technology when it is easily accessible right in front of you.
Day 1: 0 hours 0 minutes

Day 2:

Today had some hard moments and some easier moments. It was almost the same situation as yesterday; I was doing my homework on the computer. It was extremely tempting to take a five minute break and log onto Gmail or another website. Tech is the hardest to resist when it is easily accessible. But that is also why technology can be easy to resist. My brother had the computer, so I could not use it. Even though that still left me with my phone and television, it was still one less piece of technology.
Instead of using technology, I read a book which kept me occupied for a while. Also, I was in my bedroom where there is no technology. The television is on the other side of the of the house. I learned that if I’m not in a room with technology, it is less tempting to use. However, if I was in a room with my T.V. I might have turned it on. Technology is very easily accessible, and that is when it is most frequently used.
I read books which kept me occupied, and did not use any technology.
Day 2: 0 hours 0 minutes

Day 3:
Today at some point was difficult, at some points was easy. The first temptation was when I was on the train. I forgot my book at school, and had nothing else to do. I was looking around at all the other people who were listening to their i-pods. They seemed very content, and I had a huge urge to pull out mine.
That was the hard part. The easy part was after school. I was at a baseball game until very late and only had time to do my homework, eat dinner, and go to bed.
I did, however, find one piece of technology that I could not avoid. My phone. I had to call my friend to see if I could come over to his house. Even though I knew what I was doing, I had to call to make plans. Today was very easy at some points, but also very hard at others.
Day 3: 0 hours 5 minutes

Day 4:
Today, for the most part, was easy not to use technology, but at one moment was nearly impossible. The train ride in, I read my book the entire time, so I had no distractions. After school, I had a baseball game, so I didn’t have any time then to use technology. I took the train home, and went out to dinner with my family. However, there I found technology that was impossible to avoid.
I was sitting at a table, and directly across from me was a television. Without even meaning to, at times I looked up. Then, I found myself watching something for a bit. I tried not to look at it as hard as I could, but when a television is right in your line of sight, and it is on it is an instinct to watch. I found out that if technology is easily accessed, it is extremely hard to resist.
Day 4: 0 hours 10 minutes

Day 5-6
The weekend was easy and hard at different times. On Friday night I heard that Johan Santana had pitched a no-hitter at the Mets game. So, in the morning I had to watch SportsCenter to see the highlights of the game. I turned on the television and saw that they were showing a replay of the hockey game. I watched that and then the Mets game came on. I saw the replay of the game, but found myself watching other sports games and news. The only reason I watched fifteen minutes of the show instead of five was because sports is something I really enjoy. That is part of the reason television is watched so much. There is always something that people can find interesting.
I learned that once some piece of technology is on, it’s very hard to turn off. After that, I went to my grandpa’s house. There, we played baseball in the park. That ate up most of the whole day. So I didn’t use any more technology.
On Sunday I got up at 6:15 a.m for my 8:30 a.m. baseball game. That gave me no time for technology in the morning. I had a double header so I got home at 3:00 p.m. Then I did my homework which took up a lot of time. I didn’t use any technology Sunday. I learned that if you are busy with other activities, technology is easy not to use.
Day 5-6: 0 hours 15 minutes



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