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Leila, My Turnoff Experience

Day 1

May, 5/29/12

Today was a little bit difficult because there is certain technology that i am so used to using. I felt uncomfortable, and uneasy in a way. Before the tech turnoff, I didn’t realize how much I depended on technology. I am so used to being on my computer for homework purposes for about 2 to 3 hours a day, and sometimes playing games on my iPhone on the bus ride to school, or the bus ride to my home. Taking out my computer to use became so much of a habit, that sometimes I would use it when I didn’t really need to. Using my computer for homework and using my iPhone to text my mom I am coming home were things I couldn’t avoid but getting distracted and doing something other than that i could avoid.

Instead of technology, I could read or play guitar and ukulele. My dad wouldn’t do the tech turnoff, and my mom said she would but I think she forgot. It didn’t really affect me, but sometimes it made me want to go back to normal. I see my dad stare at three different computer screens, or on his iPhone checking his email for work. My mom would be sitting on the sofa, checking her Facebook at night, but most of the time she was busy doing mother stuff and work around the house.

Day 2

May, 5/30/12

Today was the same as yesterday, maybe better. I still felt the urge for technology, but I controlled myself more than yesterday. I experienced all sorts of distractions and temptations. I wanted to watch T.V., I wanted to play on my iPhone on the way home, and more. I did slip up and watched a little T.V. (15 minutes), but then I read and went to the park.

Anyway, I didn’t have any homework, so that stopped me from grabbing my computer. I’m still realizing how important tech is to me, and how dependent I am on it; only now do I really start to think about my tech use.

For my mom and dad, same as usual. They aren’t doing the tech turnoff, so I have to control myself even more.

Day 3

May, 5/31/12

Today felt easier, I felt a little more used to being separated from technology. Now that I’m used to it, its easier. But that didn’t mean I was not tempted. I felt like temptations were swirling around me, watching me and waiting to be used. My iPhone sitting perfectly, just being untouched, lonely, bugged me. My computer, waiting to be used, just begging me. Maybe if I had my parents hide my technology, it would be even easier. On second thought, that would be a bad idea.

No homework again, so no need for my computer. Being without technology isn’t really that bad after all. There are plenty of fun things to do that don’t require or use technology.

Day 4

June 1, 2012

Today was the easiest so far. I felt free of tech, even though it was a Friday. I hung out with my friend for 30 minutes after school, I did not play my iPhone on the way home, I got home at like 4:20, had a snack, went to the park, then came home. The biggest distraction today was that it was Friday, and kick back day, but now I didn’t really feel any need for technology. I felt less dependent on tech, and more dependent on creative things like instruments, books, watching and playing with my pets, and taking care of my cactuses. In fact, I felt independent and smarter than I did when I spent time blankly staring at a T.V. screen like Mildred.

Day 5

June 3, 2012

The weekend might have been the hardest. I had a lot of homework, some I had to do on my computer. I had a lot of extra time, so I was really tempted, and I might have slipped up. But I went to the park both days, read magazines, and played with my pets. Technology is not necessary, it’s just something people lean on for support, and can’t get back up. The tech turnoff wasn’t that hard, after all.


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