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Kate, My Turnoff Experience

Day 1: 5/29/12

Today I used my computer for a lot. It was all school work, but I had to type some obituary paragraphs for social studies, find definitions for science, print out guitar chords for music, and take a survey for ELA. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel tempted at all to click over to my email; it never even occurred to me.. Some things were hard for me not to do. I was very tempted to use my cellphone to text my friends, and figure out what’s going on with them. I did use my phone however, to call my mom to figure out where she was. I’m pretty sure this was on the “ok” list, so I did it.
My family members wouldn’t do the no-tech week with me, so it’s harder for me not to use technology because everyone else in my apartment is using it. I happened to notice that my family and I take advantage of technology a lot, we use it excessively. I want to cut down on how much I use technology when I really don’t need it.
I also noticed that a lot of kids in my grade are complaining about the no-tech week. I’m not denying that I didn’t complain, because I wasn’t so happy about it at first. This affected my experience because I woke up this morning thinking that the tech-free week would be terrible. So far, it’s not as bad as I thought. Instead of texting my friends, or checking my email, I found myself reading even more than I usually do. I love to read, so I had a lot of fun engrossed in my book..
My experience today was pretty easy, considering that I was busy all night. I’m not sure how the rest of the week will go, but today, the tech-turn off wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought it would be.

Day 2: 5/30/12

Today was day 2 in the no-tech week.. I didn’t really use any technology at all today, except my cellphone to call my babysitter to find out where she was. It wasn’t hard at all for me today, except one minor temptation to text my friends.

I had a lacrosse game today, so that took up a lot of time I would have been using technology. After the game, I went straight to my desk to do my homework, which didn’t take too long. So, instead of using technology, I did things that are more useful, like homework, and helping out my team (GO DRAGONS!) in lacrosse.

Even though it’s only the second day, that’s tech free, I still feel like I’m going to give in, and slip-up. Every morning, I check the weather on my i-pod touch, and this morning, i almost unlocked it until my sister grabbed it away from me. I use technology every day, so it’s really hard to think about not using any of it.

There wasn’t anything today that I couldn’t avoid, besides calling, and I’m almost positive that I can call people. Again, even though it’s only the second day, I’m nervous I’m going to give in. I am also nervous for the weekend, because that’s when I use the most technology; texting takes up most of it.

This morning, I tried to get my sister to join me, and she almost did. I was really surprised and happy. Just to jog her memory, I reminded her that she wouldn’t be able to watch TV on the weekend. As I expected, she decided she didn’t have to do the no-tech week if she didn’t want to. Unfortunately, she said she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Day 3: 5/31/12

Day 3 of tech-free week was easier than the first two days. I used no technology at all, well, that I could keep myself from using. At the track meet today, they were playing music from speakers, and using a microphone, but there was nothing I could do about that. That was the only technology that I couldn’t avoid today.

I was really distracted by my brother today. He was watching “Dinosaur Train”, a show he loves, and I was tempted to go snuggle up next to him and fall asleep watching TV. This is what made my experience a little bit difficult today.

My brother is two, so he wants to do what his sisters do, and when my sister wants to watch TV, so does he. So, a lot of the day today, my siblings were using technology, when I can’t. This makes me want to use technology even more, even though I know I’m not supposed to.

Instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV, or using the computer, I went outside and played soccer today. It felt nice to be kicking the ball around with my friends for a while. After today, I’m not so nervous for the weekend anymore. If it has been this easy for the past two days, the weekend shouldn’t be too hard.

Day 4: 6/1/12

Fridays are normally pretty busy for me, so it wasn’t difficult today. I didn’t need to use any technology for school, I normally don’t. After school, I swam, and that obviously doesn’t require technology.

I did slip up though. I bumped into one of my friends from camp, and I had to use my phone to add her in my contacts. As soon as I did it, I remembered, and felt guilty and stupid. This made me realize, when I think about it, that I am so used to just using my phone, I don’t even realize how much I use it.

Instead of using technology, I read, and did my homework. I also spent time with my family and talked about our week. It was really nice, because I never see my dad, and I got to talk to him. My mom had to chaperone the eighth grade dance, so I didn’t get to see her as much as I would’ve liked.

Really, besides my “oops”, today I used no technology at all. I’m actually proud of myself because my mom, dad, and sister were all using technology, and I didn’t. Even my brother was! He was watching TV again, and I actually left the room to go read.

This weekend, I realized this today, that I’m going to the movies for my birthday. I planned it before I knew about no-tech week, so I’m still going to go. I know that this is destroying the purpose of tech-free week, but I’ve been planning it forever, and I have no other time to do it. I’m sorry, I know this is really not what I’m supposed to do but I feel like this may be an acceptable situation.  

Days 5 and 6: 6/2/12-6/3/12

Weekends are tough times not to use technology.  it was really difficult for me not to text my friends or watch some tv or check my email.  All around me, people were using phones, computers, ipads, ipods, tv’s, etc., and it really affected my experience in a bad way.  It was really distracting while I was doing my homework because I couldn’t stop thinking about using technology.

I used to be fine with the tech-free week, but now I’m really glad it’s over because I really need to use my computer a lot this week.  Today I saw a movie, but there was nothing I could do to avoid it.  It was for my birthday party, so I had to go.  I felt really guilty, but I had fun.  This weekend, I read my book a lot though, so I’m almost done with it.  I also had a little get-together with some of my camp friends instead of watching tv, so that was nice.

The whole tech-free week was a really cool experience for me.  I learned a lot about how much I use technology, and that I should spend more time doing other things.  Doing it again doesn’t sound all that fun to me right now, considering it was sort of hard.  Overall, there was some technology that I couldn’t avoid, but it surprised me how much I can do without using my computer.  It was a cool experience, but I think it would have been more fun if my family would do it with me, and if I wasn’t used to using technology so much.  I’m not certain, but I think it might have been easier if we were younger and we did this since most of our grade didn’t have cell phones at age eight.

This helped me learn about myself and my technology use, and it will have a large affect on how much I use it in the future..  I don’t think I’ll like doing this again anytime soon,  but it was worthwhile and I don’t regret participating in it.  


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