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Fiona, Turn-Off Reflection

Technology Log – Day 1

Today’s tech turn off was actually not very difficult for me.  Every day, after school I have an extra cirricular activity.  Therefore, I do not have much time to use technology besides for homework.  The only other technology I might use during the day besides the computer for typing and research would be to use my phone or iPod.  Everyday when I get to school I call my mother to tell her that I am there.  I also use my phone to text friends about when we are getting together, homework questions, etc.  My iPod, while I am doing homework sometimes I have that playing or Pandora playing,  However, I am not allowed to normally watch T.V. on weekdays and I find e-mail somewhat boring.  I mean, people say that chatting online is really enjoyable, but, for me I can never really tell peoples’ tone of voice.  Which, for me, is a slight problem.

Instead of listening to music and using technology to text my friends, I read.  It also gave me, perhaps, 15 minutes more with my family, to play a card game, read a book, take a run and more.

I didn’t encounter any technology that I legitimately couldn’t avoid.  I mean, yes, when my brother was playing a computer game online, it was tempting to go onto my iPod and listen to music for some reason.  However, I didn’t find any technology that I couldn’t avoid.  The computer, of course, I did use because we are doing a research paper in Social Studies.  But, instead of using websites for everything, I tried to use the books I have at home to get some information.

The one thing that I have learned so far was that I am interacting with others more frequently.

Technology Log – Day 2

Today, day 2 of the no-tech challenge I am doing pretty well.  I am not saying in any matter that I am perfect and have not used technology at all; I have done a few texts here and there.  But overall, it is still pretty easy to not use technology (well, mostly).

When I was on the computer for homework usage, typing a paper, I was tempted to click ‘new tab’ and go onto Pandora.  However, I resisted the urge and kept on working.

I also felt more productive than usual.  Although I always have after school activities and not much time to socialize and use technology, I still found that the extra time I spent on my iPod before bed could be used to do more productive activities.  Such as reading, writing, doing a better job on homework, practicing my singing/dancing/piano more often, or studying harder for a test.

In addition, I learned something about myself.  I learned that, at least on weekdays, the use of technology does not influence my lifestyle to a certain extent.  Besides iPods and music, because given the fact that my father is an actor/singer and my mother is a former rocket and the director of a dance academy, my family relies on music very much.  To think that some children use technology more that 30 hrs a week, to me, is astonishing.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when used too much, it can be life-threatening.

Technology Log – Day 3

Today it is Thursday and also day 3 of our no-tech usage week.  So far, I haven’t legitimately broken it.  However, last night I was done with my homework early.  I was oblivious at the moment that it was no-technology week.  I asked my mother if I could turn on the T.V. for 15-20 mins.  Since the year is coming to an end and most of my extra curricular activities are done, she said yes.   After about 15 minutes I realized what I was doing and immediately turned it off.  That was hard.  Going from watching T.V., suddenly turning it off and going into bed, I mean.

I learned something from this experience, though.  It was that technology can be extremely addicting.  Even after 5 minutes of watching T.V. I was tempted to go ask my mom if I could watch 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

In this circumstance I finally understood why kids are never satisfied with the technology they are allowed to use.  It is addicting and being a child, I know, that we always want more.

And more.
And more.

Technology Log – Day 4
This weekend we have a bunch of homework.  Now that can be good and bad.  It keeps children off technology: good, it takes up a lot of time where kids could be doing more productive things: bad.  However, my main point is that since I got home I have been doing homework with no distractions.  What time is it now?  7:30 pm.  Therefore, I haven’t even thought about technology usage so I haven’t been tempted to use it.
I’ve also learned something throughout this whole week.  That lesson is that you don’t have to shut technology out completely, but simply use it in moderation.  Instead of watching one movie every night, watch one movie over the course of 3-4 days.  That way, you are still giving your brain some time to zone out, but you are not being a couch potato.
In addition, I realized that multi-tasking is not such a good idea.  For instance, instead of txting ur friends (yes, pun intended) while doing homework, try doing them at separate times.  Give yourself 10 minutes of texting time and 1 hr and 30 minutes of homework time.  That way, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time.
It’s all about being efficient in our world, today.

Technology Log – Day 5

It is Saturday and throughout the whole day I have not really had the urge to use technology.  Which, is probably for a couple reasons.  Firstly, I was at dance all day.  Secondly, because the power went out.  Lastly, because my phone was dead and I couldn’t charge it because the power went out.  Therefore, I didn’t really have any opportunities to watch T.V., surf the internet or text my friends.
However, as the night wore on, it became more difficult to not use technology (the power came back on).  The reason being, I am allowed to watch T.V. on the weekends and I don’t really have much to do during the night time besides homework (yes, by coincidence I am doing right now).
Throughout this whole week, I learned one major lesson, which can be useful for parents.  Whenever my mother reminded me that it was no-tech week I wanted to use technology more – it seemed to be somewhat like a temptation.
Ultimately, you have to trust your children. to make the right decisions.  Kids only learn from experiences, not from parents telling them what to do.  You have to respect them, too, not as stupid little kids but as adults in the making or maturing young citizens.  If you have that, you can have a real, steady, legitimate family.

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