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Ella, Tech-Turnoff Experience

Day 1- 5/29/12

So far the No-Tech Week is going well. I have not broken yet, surprisingly. I was tempted to go on pottermore.com (heehee) when I was doing my Social Studies homework. Instead of using tech I cooked deserts, read, and zoned out. That’s what I don’t understand. What’s the difference between zoning out while watching TV or while not? You’re not using your brain anyway.

Today the experience wasn’t so bad because I had afterschool activities. I came home from Math Team, ate dinner, cooked dessert, did homework… so, soon it was time for bed anyway. I think the weekend will be much harder.

The only technology I encountered that I couldn’t avoid was school related. I did Social Studies homework (as I said), and in school I had to research for Science. I was tempted, as previously stated, but I resisted. Honestly, this isn’t all that hard. Nothing really changed, because I read and do other things anyway.

Let’s see how the rest of the week goes, though. Then I’ll see how tech-free I really am. (Hint: I’m guessing not so much)

Day 2- 5/30/12

So, apparently, I did mess up yesterday, but I just realized. I was texting Irene and today at school she says, “Hey, we broke the rules yesterday,”. This makes me think about how engraved technology is in our minds. We don’t hink about it, but there it is. When we make a concious efforet not to use tech, we notice how much we want to.

Also, I’m thinking, wouldn’t calling be easy? What’s the need to text? It’s pretty sad, that we’re so lazy we can’t CALL. Technology is supposed to make life easier, but when it simplifies things to such an extent, we’re left with lazy bums who do nothing all day. In theory, of course.

This makes me think of Mildred (from Fahrenheit 451) who watches TV and listens to whatever she listens to all day. She does, really, NOTHING. No one lese in their society does anything either. It makes me realize that a lot of people take things too far.

However, I am aware that one can use tech and also read a lot. That’s what I do. And it all really proves that the issue isn’t so black and white.

Day 3- 5/31/12

So, (I’m starting all of these with “so”) all this no-tech has got me thinking. “Oh, I’ll watch half-an hour of TV.” Not a lot of time, right? And it’s not that long, really. But every breath we take we are coming closer to our death. We are slowly (or quickly, really) seeping towards the point of no return. The point where we AREN’T. That half-hour is a time we will NEVER get back.

Now, add up a lot of half-hours, put them together… So much time is lost. We could be LIVING during those moments, but alas, we are not.

I bet an average person wastes a year of their life on useless technology. (Shiver, shiver) That’s a scary thought.

Back to my tech-turnoff progress, or rather, lack of one. I played on my iPod. AHH! THE SHAME! I just couldn’t resist! It was probably a minute all together, when I was checking the weather and– my hand snuck up to another app and pushed it. And then I touched the screen and made Nyan Cat jump. It was almost a reflex, but part of me was thinking “Just a minute, it’s okay…” And it was okay, but as I said previously, one minute multiplied over and over gives you a whole lot of minutes you can’t get back.

I’m learning, and I think this is the point, that I can’t live without tech.

Day 4- 6/1/12

Today was the easiest day yet. I had an acting performance, after which I went out to dinner. It was already 7. Then, I chilled out at home. To make it easier, I just got a shipment of two books from Amazon and am very into my current one. (It is Anna Dressed in Blood and it rocks!)

Anyway, I wasn’t tempted at all today. What I wonder is what makes some days days more tempting than others. I realize that it is how occupied we are with other things, but I think there are other factors. Some days I have absolutely no desire to watch TV and others I am aching to park myself on the couch.

Fahrenheit 451 seems to make a point of saying you either watch TV or read books. You’re either bad or good. I definitely don’t think that’s true.

I’m doing well on the tech turnoff, and I’m excited (who am I kidding, I’m scared) for the weekend.

Let’s see how it goes.

Days 5 and 6- 6/2/12 and 6/3/12

Wow, the weekend was hard. In the mornings I usually wake up and watch a bunch of stupid TV shows. Today and Saturday I woke up and read my book for a while, after which I was sort of lost. I didn’t do much. God, I think the issue really is how much free time I have.

On Saturday, I had somewhere to go at 1, so I left at 12. But those hours from 10-12 were so painful! I can’t live without technology! I can’t! Bradbury is right, technology is taking over our lives. Still, when we’re so accustomed to it, it’s hard to just go cold turkey.

I also find Fahrenheit 451 remarkable. Bradbury actually managed to predict the future. In the 1950s there were no iPods or headphones (seashells), no wide-screen TVs (wall-screens), no automatic doors. Though technology hasn’t yet escalated to what Bradbury predicted, who says it won’t? Did Bradbury actually know anything or was it all a lucky guess? I’m practically rambling right now, but still, I wonder.

Tech-turnoff was VERY hard. Still, it was interesting.


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