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Elizabeth’s Tech-Turnoff Experience

Day 1: May 29, 2012

Today was the first day of the tech-turnoff, and it wasn’t a very difficult day for me to avoid technology.  My commute was the hardest part of the day, I suppose, even though I didn’t have any technology to use, because I finished all of my written homework and the book I was reading.  I talked with Ryan on the bus, but he was just boring.  I needed something to do.

The day got easier when I got home.  I was able to do my social studies homework, an obituary for Emperor Trajanus, on my computer, and took my time, because I knew I would need something to do tomorrow.  After a bit of time had gone by, maybe thirty or so minutes, I got kind of bored.  I usually switch to a game every now and then to take a break when I’ve done a lot of work, but I couldn’t today because of the tech-turnoff, which was a bit aggravating.  Instead of playing a game, though, I took a break from my homework and went downstairs, where it was cooler, and played my violin.

I had less homework than I had expected for the day, so I had more free time than I thought I would have (Ms. Abramsohn didn’t give the class math homework).  I stopped playing my violin after a while and switched to reading the book I was going to read this weekend.  It was quite interesting, even though it dragged on a bit, so I read it until it was time for me to eat dinner.

While I was able to fill up my time quite well, I felt weird, since I didn’t use technology for the whole day; it’s so natural for me to use technology in my free time, so now something’s missing in my daily routine.

Day 2: May 30, 2012

Today was an okay day for the tech-turnoff.  In the morning, I got extremely bored, once I was done getting ready for school.  I couldn’t watch T.V., which is what I usually do in the morning, which was just plain annoying.  Then, when I was going to school, I just went to sleep, since I had nothing better to do; it was pretty boring.

On the ride home, I didn’t have any homework to do again, which was so irritating!  I had finished my Farenheit 451 reading at school, and guess what, no math homework, once again!  In the one week where I have so much free time, I can’t play games or watch T.V. for fun!  Time seems to go by extremely slow, too,  when you aren’t doing anything.  These are the times when you realize how important technology is.  It takes up a lot of most people’s daily lives, and I, personally, will go to play games or watch T.V. during my free time.  Sure, I’ll go to play a board game, sometimes (well, I actually want to play board games, but my siblings don’t ever agree to join in on a game, so I have no one with which to play), but electronics are entertaining, too.  Books are great, too, but so many of them just don’t grab the reader’s attention, like a good book should.  Plus, I just don’t like reading any books more than once, even if they are really interesting.   (I really don’t see the point in reading a book if you know what’s going to happen at the end.)  Anyway, hopefully, I’ll get more math homework tomorrow.

Day 3: May 31, 2012

Today was the easiest day of the tech-turnoff so far.  My sister, Danielle, had another book for me to read, so I filled up most of my free time reading.  The book dragged on a bit, but it was quite interesting.

After school, I had planned on printing out my obituary for social studies, but the library was closed for the time being.  When I got home, my mom was on the computer, so I couldn’t print out my homework (she’s doing the yearbook for my sister’s school).  It’s okay that I didn’t print it out today, though; it’s due June 4.  If I don’t get this done by tomorrow, I’ll have to print it out on Sunday, because I’ll be at a dude ranch for the weekend.

The odd thing is, though, that the most important homework I need to get finished now is my obituary, which involves (Surprise!) technology.  It seems as if the Department of Education (D.O.E.) is getting kids to use more and more technology.  It’s more than slightly scary that we rely so much on technology these days, and the government is kind of encouraging this use whether it realizes it or not.

We can do so much without these electronics, the unnecessary games we’ve come to love so much, the videos we all watch on our T.V.s- Ray Bradbury predicted these events in

Fahrenheit 451.  We are all just starting this world which Bradbury has described, this place where books are banned, left to burn at the hands of ‘firemen’, like Guy Montag.  We will all be left in a braindead world if everyone keeps rejecting books to watch videos and play on electronic devices.  People everywhere are using unneeded technology whenever they can- it’s horrible!  When we can be doing something that will educate us, keep us healthy, let us have a lot of fun, we’re sitting on our couches, staring at the T.V.  We become stuck in a trance, not noticing a thing happening in the world surrounding us.  This is how so many people die every single day in Fahrenheit 451.  This is what is bound to happen soon if we don’t stop using all of this technology.

Day 4: June 1, 2012

Today was an extremely easy day.  I wasn’t able to get access to any technology for most of the day, and I didn’t miss it at all.  I woke up at 5:30a.m. today, and I stayed occupied all day.  I was going to a dude ranch later in the day (Pinegrove), and I will stay there for the entire weekend.

By this afternoon, I arrived at the dude ranch, and got settled.  I filled up my time swimming, playing a game of shuffleboard and lazer tag, eating ice cream, and so much more.  The only possible way I could violate the tech-turnoff was by watching T.V.  My sisters will probably, actually, definitely mock me, but I’m not going to waste my entire weekend cooped up in a room watching T.V. when I can have so much fun.

When you don’t use technology, so many activities are still available, and they’re a lot more entertaining than playing a computer game.  You can also learn so much from these non-electronic involving technology.  So far, I’m liking this tech-turnoff a lot more than I thought I would.  I guess I just got the tech-turnoff at the perfect time.

Days 5: June 2, 2012

Tomorrow is the last day of the tech-turnoff, and I’ll be perfectly fine without technology.  When so many activities are acailable, I’m great!  I have had no reason, whatsoever, to use any technology this weekend for purposes other than homework, and I’ve accomplished quite a lot, actually.  Early this morning, I rode another horse, and I think I liked the horse from yesterday better.  Today, I also spent my time swimming and earning a lot of different badges with the rest of my Girl Scout troop.  We got a swim safety badge and then had fun going down the waterslide in the pool and playing pool games.   Later on, I played a game of billards with one of  my friends, and we then met up with the rest of the troop again to do a scavenger hunt.  The items on the list of things you had to find were pretty unique, for example, one of the objects on the sheet was authentic cowboy boots. 

After having finished the scavenger hunt, we all went to the snack bar and ate ice cream, slurpies, etc.  Soon, though we had to be at the nature walk; we got another badge for this, too.  The guide we had took us around the premises, showed us some birds’ nests, and the pond made in case a fire started.  (They had a fire once, and the hoses couldn’t reach a big enough water supply, so the owners of the dude ranch had a water source built.)  When we finished the nature walk, we ended up at a bounce pillow.  We all went on it, even the troop leaders, and we had a fantastic time.  I must have jumped more than three feet high!  It was great, but then we had to go to eat lunch (the food was delicious).

When we finished lunch, we took a bit of a break and later went line dancing, earning us another badge.  We danced the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cowboy Boogie, etc.  We also went star watching to get another badge.  It’s impressive, seeing stars at such a close view, even though it was very cloudy.  This tech-turnoff isn’t half bad.

Day 6: June 3, 2012

I woke up at 6:30a.m. today, and I was pretty tired from last night.  I stayed up quite late, too.  I finished packing once I finished getting ready for the day, and then just sat around for a bit.  At 7:59a.m., the troop went to get breakfast: bacon (yum!), pancakes, waffles, eggs, and the such.  I was stuffed by the time I was done, and I had a lot of time to rest, since the first activity of the day, archery, didn’t start until 10:ooa.m.  The troop planned on going to the bounce pillow again before the activity started, but it was still deflated from the previous night.  We went to the park, which was just a road away, and played there for a while.  At 10:00, we went to the archery range.  There weren’t many people there, until a few minutes later.  We each got to shoot five arrows, and the bow weren’t the best (the ones at Camp Kaufman, another camp I’ve been to for Girl Scout trips, were of a better quality), but it was still fun.  I wish we could have shot more arrows, but it was okay that we didn’t; after archery, the bounce pillow was inflated, so we could jump on it all we wanted.

I’ve found so many fun things to do without technology, this weekend, and I’ve had a blast!  Technology doesn’t have to control our lives, like in Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury and like now.  Personally, with this new perspective on life where I can’t go on electronics, time spent otherwise is a lot better.


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