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Destinee, My Turn-off Experience

Day 1: 5/29/12 Tuesday

This isn’t really a big thing for me because I’m not allowed to watch TV, do unrelated work, or use any type of game consuls on school days any way. I’m not an excessive texter and caller either, so I don’t have a huge temptation to text or call people. The only time I use my phone to do something unproductive, it’s to play on my Ipod, phone, tablet, or laptop and that’s tempting at times. Today, I was online working on a bibliography for Social Studies; I had absolutely no temptation to check my email., I don’t use technology to check my email that often. I don;t use technology that much on school days, other than household items. The only time I use a lot of technology is on the weekend, when I play Wii, watch TV, and play on gaming devices. I play and listen to my Ipod on school days, but only on the train. i have about 30-45 minutes on the train everyday, twice a day. I have a little temptation to charge my Ipod and take it to school tomorrow, but it’s not big enough for me to actually do it. other than that, I have no temptations and I hope later on in the week I won’t have any strong temptations.

Day Two   5/30/12 Wednesday

My temptation is growing. Yesterday, I had no temptation, today I had a little temptation to play game on my phone or tablet. I haven’t broken the no technology rule yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to crack some time and not even realize it. I’m trying to stay strong but it’s than I thought. Even though I don’t watch TV it’s still hard because now I want to use technology even more. My parents are watching TV  in the living room and I have a temptation to walk to the bathroom, pretend like my eyes are closed and take a peek at the TV screen. My brothers no help, he sits there mocking me playing games on my moms phone. He says to me, “You wanna play, I know you do?” and then he says “oops, that’s right you can’t, haha.” I tried to get him to do no technology too, but he looked at me and laughed. At least my mom is helpful. On the train, when she sees I’m getting bored instead of letting me play on my phone, she tells me about her day and asks about mine. I feel confident in myself so far. The hour or so that I have of free time after I’m done doing every thing is the thing that’s killing me. Reading gets me tired, so after a long time a reading, I start to fall asleep. I want to get my tablet and play Temple Run and Duck Hunter really bad.

Day Three   5/31/12 Thursday

I’m feel good about myself, yesterday I had a temptation to play a game on my phone or tablet and today I kept myself busy. I did my homework and everything else I had to do, then I got a head start on my Social Studies homework due Monday. Without using technology I have a lot more time to do things educational, rather than doing things that are not educational. Ever since I haven’t been using technology, I’ve been talking a lot more with my family, playing board games with my brother that I forgot I even had. I didn’t realize how much technology I use in my daily life, until I did this tech turn-off. I would use technology without even realizing it, people try to cover up how much technology they use and i was doing the same. As I write this reflection, I’m realizing that I used to go online and played “educational games” thinking I’m still using my brain. When I already knew all of it, I could have been playing games that teach me things I already knew. When you sit in front of a screen, whether you’re playing a game or watching TV, you zone out and you’re getting brainwashed. Only how would you know that?

Day Four   6/1/12 Friday

My temptation to watch TV has gone up from a 5 out of 10, to 100 out of 100. Today was really hard for me because I usually stay up late and watch TV and play games until I fall asleep. But today I king of didn’t want to stay up because I had already done all my homework and I knew if I was going to be bored, if I stayed up. I found myself trying to sneak and turn on the TV, my parents had to take my remote from me. I felt like I couldn’t do anything, from this Iearned that I rely on TV way too much on Fridays and on the weekend. I tried to read the Hunger Games  but I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to anything but watch TV and play on my laptop. Just having the thought that my brothers in the living room watching TV, makes me furious. I watch TV and play on my laptop to keep to not only entertain myself, but to challenge my gaming skills. If I don’t do something or go outside this weekend, I’m going to burst and break the rules.

Day Five and Six   6/3/12 Saturday and Sunday

This weekend wasn’t nearly as bad as Friday. I went out all weekend, Saturday I went to a baby shower and today I’m at my grandma’s house but we went to the park. My grandma doesn’t like me using technology any way and she doesn’t watch too much TV, so being at her house wasn’t a problem. I had no temptation all weekend, but don’t get me wrong, I can’t for this to end. I might be busy next weekend, like I was this weekend. By doing this I found some stuff out about myself, I can cut on technology use but I can’t completely rule it out. I used my laptop once this weekend and that was for homework. I had a tiny temptation to play Purple Place on my laptop, but I stayed strong and didn’t break the rules. This is something I would encourage others to do, to determine if they’re big technology users. I’m glad that I had to do this because it showed me that I could have fun and play with my friends without using technology in any way. I still can’t wait till 11:59, I just want this to end.


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