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Chayda, Turn-off Experience

Day 1 May 29

Today wasn’t really as hard as I thought it would be. I did have a really strong urge to chat while I was researching and typing on Google Docs, but overall I did all right. At times, I saw my iPod or the Kindle Fire and all I wanted to do was play music and videos, but my mom was participating in solidarity so that helped. It was sort of strange, because she usually watches the news on her “five minute breaks”, so the room was unusually silent and peaceful. I actually interacted less, because she slept in place of the news.

I think it was easier because I have other hobbies that don’t involve electricity. I can knit, and that takes up a lot of time. Knitting is a great craft to know because it takes a while to reach the end of a row, and there is motivation of finishing a project, which is always good. I made good progress on a shawl, and hope to finish a hat.

While I was looking up guitar music for music, I had my email open to see if a teacher got back to me. I noticed that I had 7 new emails and no self control so I checked them all. Turns out, they were really boring, just some replies from Google+ and ads from Knitting Daily. I realized that we are way too involved in pointless activities. If we didn’t use social media, games, and nonsensical hobby sites, our inboxes would be a lot less crowded and we would waste a lot less time checking emails. We are too involved in the internet.

Day 2 May 30

Today was much more difficult on the computer that yesterday. I have an obsession with yarn websites, and they frequently update their patterns and blogs. Yes, I did cheat, and I went on one while I was doing my math homework. It was actually really relieving, as if I was holding  my breath for a very long time and suddenly exhaled. I did not realize how much I love technology, even when I think that I can do without it. I thought that day one would be harder, but I guess I was wrong.

When I didn’t use the computer for homework, I mostly read, knit, and drew. This down time really gives you a chance to make progress in books and hobby projects. You can’t distract yourself with music or TV, so it motivates you to finish things.

Today I did encounter unavoidable technology. I had to check my mom’s email for school notifications from the school, set an alarm on my iPod, and text someone the homework, so technically I did break the texting rule. I had this new song on my iPod, and all I wanted to do was listen to it, but I restrained myself from it. Today wasn’t as strong as yesterday.

Day 3 May 31

I think that today was the best yet. I didn’t encounter any necessary technology or any urge to play it. I think it was because I took a two hour nap, and then I really had to do some work, so there was not a lot of room for downtime. I had to practice piano, do homework, eat dinner, and shower, so that takes a while, and then I went to bed. While I practiced piano, my neighbor came in. She talks a lot!

So, I finish my piano practice and we sit down and chat during dinner. We talk about everything from school to sleeping to gardening (I really don’t garden, but she works as a gardener). I didn’t realize how much time had passed, and before long, I had to do my homework really quickly and go to bed.

I think it was actually really great that we talked for a long time, because I didn’t have time to think about games, email, or chatting. If I had the two hours of napping time to myself, I might have convinced myself to pretend to check my email, then played Cityville, a computer game. If my neighbor hadn’t come over, I would have been sneaking peeks at iPod apps. The tight, smushed schedule is really good because I didn’t waste a minute of it. I didn’t have room for errors, which I can really make if I let myself.

Day 4 June First

Today was actually okay. I had a really good piano lesson right after school, so that took up a good two hours. That’s one plus side of having an instrument. You can go to lessons for a couple hours, then you can practice for another hour, and you don’t even have to think about technology.

I wa also pretty tired from the lesson and transportation, so I pulled out a couple of books and reread them. You don’t realize how much time reading a book can take. Even if you are just flipping around, you can spend hours. By the time I was done, it was eight o clock.

My next activity was probably the wiredest thing I have ever done, but it was really fun.

I built a fort of pillows, then filled it with the fluffy stuff from my mom’s dolls that she sews. It probably took an hour to build, and my mom got a little annoyed by the fluff being everywhere, but it was awesome, truly awe-inspiring. I didn’t realize how much fun I used to have when I made pillow huts and forts until I did it today. Kids these days are so sucked into the modern age that they forget what they used to do for fun. It was great, and reminded me of my childhood. Today was great!

Day 5 and 6 June Two and Three

This weekend was pretty bad. I usually get up and go on the computer, but this morning, I couldn’t. I didn’t realize how much I use technology mindlessly, and how much I actually care about it. I use it as a substitute for when I can’t concentrate on something real, like a book. It only occurs to you when you can’t use it.

I think that the hardest part was Sunday, when I broke two rules. First, my dad played music in the car that I chose, and we grooved to the beat of failure. We usually listen to music while we drive so that we can sing really loudly and no one cares.  Some old habit just can’t be ignored.

The second rule I broke was the TV rule. My grandmother recently got surgery and can’t really do much but sit, so we watched it for a good cause. It wasn’t even that good, but it kept me occupied. I realized that it doesn’t matter what is on, as long as there is something to watch. When I get up, I can’t watch TV because I get glued to commercials. it doesn’t matter what they sell, they always captivate my brain and I screech to a halt. TV nowadays is quantity, not quality. Unfortunately, we consume the quantity and can’t filter it out to find the quality.


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