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Takeshi’s Tech turnoff expeirience

Tuesday (Day 1)
I thought that this tech turnoff was kind of annoying, but it was interesting seeing how much of my time was used by sports and technology. The tech usage that I use was very little because I play sports most of the day and I come home and see that it’s already time to eat dinner/ do homework then go to sleep. But before I ate dinner I slipped up and watched television for two hours.  I feel as if this tech turnoff doesn’t affect me because my sports take up most of time time. But the reason I did slip up is only because I was bored out of my mind and I forgot that this was the tech turnoff week.

Wednesday (Day 2)
Today it was a lot easier because I had  baseball game so I had no time to even do use tech. Unlike yesterday I couldn’t have slipped up because I had no time to. I came to my house at around 8:30 with my dad and I immediately came home to eat dinner and go to sleep. I thought that I used a lot more technology than I really used but now that I notice by the technology turnoff I see that most of my time is consumed by sports.

Thursday (Day 3)
Today I had another baseball game so again I didn’t have much time to even use tech so I just jogged around Central Park for the remainder of my time. I really don’t have much to say about this tech turnoff because I feel as if this doesn’t really matter to me because I never even have the time to use technology.

Friday (Day 3)
Today is the same as the rest of the days, I had a baseball game well two of them and got home very late. I got home around 9:30, but when I got home I slipped up again. I jumped on the couch because I was exhausted and just turned on the television. But I immediately turned it off remembering it was the tech turnoff week. Then after that I just took a nap.

Saturday-Sunday (Day 4-5)
This was the last day of the tech turnoff. It doesnt make much of a difference between Sunday and Monday because my routines are going to be the same. I am going to play baseball or basketball and just relax afterward. So tech turnoff or not, doesn’t matter.

So today I obviously had another game, but luckily it was rained out so I had much more time to use technology. Today was the big slip up. I watched television for half the day because my day was just too boring, even after taking  nap. Then after my television, I went with my mom to paragon to pick up my new wooden bat.

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