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Stella, My Turnoff Experience

Day 1: 5/29/12
I feel that this is harder than I believed it would be. Using any sort of technology is a kind of instinct and is difficult to avoid. It was challenging because of two things: my baseball game and my homework. For the baseball game, I had to use my phone to communicate who was coming and where to pick me up. Then for homework, I had to fill out an online survey and look up definitions for science.
I was distracted a couple of times. The iTunes icon on my computer is extremely enticing. Also, Gmail is just a click away. They are inviting.
Instead of using technology, I had a baseball game, a piano lesson, and did my homework.
Everyone in my family is doing (or trying to) do this. It is hard for my parents because both of their works depend on technology. My dad owns a business for technology support and my mom works for a magazine company. My dad says he’s trying, despite watching sports, to do this and it is opening his eyes.

I am learning that I’m capable of this, but in the modern world, technology is everywhere and it is almost impossible to avoid completely.

I encountered some technology that I couldn’t avoid. Some teachers use a smartboard and while walking down the street, there were electronic billboards with videos playing. Today is only the beginning.

Day 2: 5/30/12

Things are getting easier, however, that may be due to the fact that there is no technology related homework tonight.  When you are typing something, it is much more tempting to check my email or play music, whereas when you are reading The Hobbit, the gravitational pull to the computer is relatively weak.

At one point I got bored and wanted to play music. My computer being on my desk is distracting, but it was fine once I occupied myself. My dad was watching the Oklahoma Thunder vs. the San Antonio Spurs basketball game. Somehow I managed to refrain from watching and I just found out who won from him.

Today in class, we used the smartboard, which I couldn’t avoid. I am learning that technology is more tempting when you are bored, but when you are doing something, you forget about electronics.

Day 3: 5/31/12
I think that things have gotten easier, still. I had another baseball game today, so I had to call my dad to make sure of the pickup info, but other than that, I didn’t need tech for anything. It was pretty simple because I had a bunch of homework and a sports game.  After that, I showered, ate, and went to sleep, so there wasn’t much time to be on electronics. My parents have quit, but they won’t admit it. They rely on tech to do work and can get sidetracked. Like my mom doing work while reading her kindle or my dad watching a movie. I figured out that instead of music, I could provide my own personal soundtrack by walking around the apartment singing and tapping on things. I couldn’t avoid the ads on the street, and although you can turnoff “taxi tv”, the button didn’t work. Instead of using technology, I played sports, did my homework and messed with my  sister which was very enjoyable. Distractions and temptations again, my computer and itouch on my desk. Sometimes I think I’m hearing beeps from my phone when I’m not, I like to call it textnaphonia- when you hear technology noises that aren’t really there.

Day 4: 6/1/12

Today is, same as yesterday, easier. I had a baseball game (we made it to the playoffs.

Yay!) so I didn’t have much spare time to be on electronics. I didn’t use my phone (I didn’t need
it) and all other devices were pretty much dormant. Although I had less time, it is a Friday and
there is less urgency to finish the homework that night, so technology is more alluring. It was
tempting to watch the Simpsons with my sister but I had to resist. Also, I like to listen to music
when I read, and I love to read so it’s difficult. It was also distracting because electronics are
captivating. They let you zone out and forget things. People think technology turns your brain to
mush, some of which I agree with, but listening to music can be inspiring. When I do something, I
need a background noise to make me feel less somber. Instead of using technology, I went to a
baseball game, read a book, played with my sister, read a quarter of another book, did some
homework, and got farther into The Hobbit. My family’s actions do affect my experience. The
fact that my sister watches Simpsons, my dad does work on his computer and watches the
basketball game and my mom does work on her ipad and calls people on her iphone is hard,
very hard in fact, to ignore. I am learning that I have more self control than I believed and that,
although watching tv is entertaining, there are many more options open. I encountered some
technology that I couldn’t avoid. At school, teachers use smartboards. Other than that, there’s
not a lot.

Day 5: 6/3/12
I felt that this weekend was hard and easy at the same time. It was easy because I was at my country house which was, relatively speaking, remote. It was hard because I was in the car for a total of five hours, and normally, I listen to music in the car. Instead, I just talked my way through. For the whole weekend, I talked, read, swam, ate, read, talked, etc. I am learning that technology is very hard to stay away from. It is everywhere. There’s a tv in the kitchen, a computer in the living room, a stereo in the bedroom. Also, I have lasted the whole week, although I did watch about three basketball games. I couldn’t stay away. This weekend was challenging, but it’s almost over.


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