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My Tech Turn-Off Experience By Alexander

Day 1: Tuesday, May 29th
Since tonight was the first night of the turn-off and also Tuesday, it was hard for me to resist technology. I usually go on the computer after school, but tonight I went from all to nothing.  I couldn’t resist. I started by printing out a document, but then I looked up and I was checking my e-mail. Then I got an urgent message from a friend asking for a copy of the assignment sheet. After a while, I got this done, and, feeling guilty, logged out.Day 2: Wednesday, May 30th
Today it wasn’t hard to resist the pull of technology. I was away from home most of the day, so I had no access to my computer and other devices.  I was, however, compelled to use a computer during Social Studies. We were doing a trial, and my team was up. It was unavoidable.  Overall, I did not use much technology except when I had to.

Day 3: Thursday, May 31st
Today I really appreciated the tech turn-off.  I didn’t play games or use e-mail, or anything else. I had no reason to, but I really wanted to just log on and have fun. I was at home after school, so it was especially hard. When I turned off my technology, I saw the world through clear eyes.

Day 4: Friday, June 1st
Today I succumbed to technology. I watched a 2-hour recording of the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals. We turned off the TV afterwards, but I still felt REALLY guilty. The turn-off has taken its toll on me, leaving me starved for technology. I will try harder in the future, though. I have all kinds of techniques for avoiding technology. I can play with my brother, run my electric trains around and around, or build LEGOs. I could read a novel or a newspaper. But the bottom line is that I won’t slip again.

Day 6: The end of the turn-off: Sunday, June 3rd
My enthusiasm for the tech turnoff has waned. Some friends of mine share my views. They believe that it is a waste of our time to forgo technology. I am not a rigid, but I am still happy the tech turnoff is coming to an end. I have learned much, but one week is enough for me.

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