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Madeleine, Tech Turnoff Reflections

Day One: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today was the first day of the Tech Turnoff. I expected it to be much harder to resist technology than it actually was. Maybe the fact that I was occupied all afternoon helped. I had to go to the orthodontist, then to try to  find a Duane Reade/CVS to try to get my passport picture taken. I know that requires technology, but that wasn’t my fault. I had to get that picture taken by June 1st!

I think that the sweltering heat helped me forget about technology: it made me think only about getting home to the air conditioning, where I am grateful to be sitting right now!

I am relieved that my first tech-less day (more-or-less) went well (not too many temptations), but I anticipate that there will be more times this week that I will second-guess my self-control. I hope that writing that today wasn’t too hard won’t “jinx” things!

Day Two: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My second day of reducing my technology usage went well. Again, I was not too tempted by any electronics, but I can’t say that my day was completely technology-free… I used computers for classwork and homework (which I know doesn’t count, but I know doesn’t count, but I’m still including it).

Mrs. Freund is right– you get more work done when you have fewer distractions. For example, I signed into my GoogleDocs account without opening my email (to avoid temptation and distraction), and finished my homework in what I think is probably record time for me!

By involving in this Tech Turnoff, I’m learning more about myself. I’m learning that I have more self-control than for which I gave myself credit, and that I am not as much of a stereotypical teenager as I thought I was. I’m less of the addicted-to-Facebook type of girl, and more of that girl with the self-control. I’m glad I am more like the latter, because I have seen what effects Facebook has on my cousins. They are possessed.

Day Three: Thursday, May 31, 2012

I can safely say that my day was completely tech-less! I think it helped that I was at track meet, and all my energy was used up by either a) cheering wildly for teammates, b) running, c) being exhausted after running, or d) practically melting in the extreme heat, so I didn’t have any electronics at hand, not the time/energy to even think about using them.

After the track meet, I spent 5 minutes at school, then followed the baseball team to cheer them on at their second to last game. I was occupied by being co-manager of the team with Annabelle, so I had no time to use electronics.

I must confess, I did use my laptop for about only 5 minutes to see what the homework was, since I was at track. Unfortunately, the math wasn’t on engrade and the only people online were trackies, too, so I powered-off my computer. I think I got it, though, from what I saw on Mr. Conway’s, Mrs. Feick’s, and Mrs. Freund’s boards.

Today I learned that distractions help when avoiding electronics.

Day Four: Friday, June 1, 2012

Today was a bit more difficult not to use technology. At rehearsal for my upcoming dance recital, the music was blaring and the stage lights we bright. This was technology that I couldn’t avoid.

Other than this, technology was pretty easy to avoid. I only had to use technology to print my obituary on Julius Caesar for Social Studies, but that was more hurting the earth because of the paper and ink used than the small amount of electricity used to power my laptop and printer for 5 minutes. Either way, only using 5 minutes of technology in one day is probably my new record for least time used on technology in one day!

Even though this Tech Turnoff hasn’t been too hard for me, I’m still still going to be glad when it is over so that I can use those 5 minutes of technology guilt-free, even thought they were for school purposes!

Day 5: Sunday, June 3, 2012

All in all, resisting the use of technology was not as hard as it seems. It is probably harder to be the stereotypical teenage that lives off of Facebook and Twitter… but I’m only 12, and have neither of those yet.

The Tech Turnoff helped me learn that I have more self-control than I thought I did. I also learned that it is not as hard as I expected to avoid technology (unless you go to Best Buy, where there are screens around every corner your turn). A third lesson learned it that when technology becomes harder to resist, distractions help. When you are occupied, you have neither the time nor the energy to think about using technology.

If I had to use technology for school, it was mostly for Social Studies. However, this was only because we were in the process of writing obituaries for ancient Roman emperors, for which we had to research and type.
I’m not sure how beneficial this whole Tech Turnoff idea was. I know that I involved myself in it, but also know that many of my friends did not. For some of them, this Tech Turnoff simply meant not watching TV when they usually do.

This was a fun experience, but I don’t know if I would be willing to do it again or for a longer period of time.


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