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Lorenzo, My Tech Turnoff Experience


It’s the first day of the Tech Turnoff, and it’s already killing me.  On the bus, I play games on my Kindle Fire or iPod Touch.  Today, I felt like something was missing.  I felt bored.  But on the good side, I was less antisocial and consumed with technology.  I usually get home at about 4:30.  Then, I sit down to do my homework, and instantly get distracted.  My computer is on the same desk, and especially when my homework entails computer usage, I get distracted.  Whether it’s games or video chats or social media, I don’t usually start my homework until around 7:00.  Today, however, I started my homework at 5:00, and with no distractions ended at 6:30.


Today was brutal.  I was tempted all day.  On the bus, I didn’t bring my phone, so I couldn’t have texted even if I had wanted to.   But my brother was playing games, people were on their phones, and it made me thirsty for technology.  At home, I finished my homework even faster than yesterday.  I slipped up for about a minute when I was checking my email for a Spanish group project.  My brother was watching Netflix and playing computer games, and I almost slipped up big time.  After dinner, I found myself making a guitar solo for music that I called Mariachi de Mambo Mexicano de Roderlo; something I would’ve never done otherwise.


It’s getting harder to manage my Tech Turnoff.  I am constantly tempted by people on the bus and my brother.  On the bus, Sami and I weren’t using technology.  Instead we were trying  to stop my brother’s beyblades.  That took up a lot of time.  Then, I had soccer tryouts, which took up most of my afternoon.  At home, I had a lot of homework.  I didn’t slip up, but I was dying to.  I got my homework done, and then started practicing my guitar song for music.  I’d never usually practice an instrument mandatory for school.  I’d never practice guitar.  I’ve barely even played before.  But I got better at switching between chords because I didn’t have technology to get in my way.


Today was boring on the bus.  I had nothing to do.  I must’ve slipped up at least once only on the bus.  Then, at home, we had a new trial babysitter.  Instead of the normal Friday routine of technology usage all afternoon, my brother and I were playing board games, especially Monopoly.  My brother alters the rules of Monopoly, so games last extra-long.  That consumed most of my afternoon since I decided not to (or was too lazy to) do my homework.  I added the too lazy part because using technology on the bus somehow energizes me.  That was an obvious change.  I went to bed much earlier than I normally do, since I had no technology to keep me awake.


Tomorrow is the end of the Tech Turnoff, and boy am I excited.  I can’t wait until free technology usage.  This weekend I wouldn’t have had much time to use technology anyway.  I had tons and tons of homework.  Then I had soccer.  Then I went to the park for three hours.  Then I did more homework.  But when I was at home, I sure was tempted.  My brother was watching movies.  My brother was on the computer.  My brother was doing things that made me so tempted.  I started reading a book that I bought at the book air in my free time.  I read a lot.  I read during all my free time, which is something I probably won’t do after today.  Well, I might read like that on my Kindle, but not a paper book.


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