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Juli, Tech Turn-Off Reflection

May 29, 2012

Today is the first day of the Tech turn-off week, so it’s not that bad. I don’t feel like I need to use electronics except for for school work. I think throughout the week, it will get harder not to use electronics especially on the weekends when I usually spend the morning watching TV. During my homework, I got tempted and distracted by my cell phone but I finally got over it. I’m starting to learn that us people of the Earth use a lot of technology every day. While I am writing this, it is very late at night so what really kept me from using electronics was my homework. That doesn’t mean that teachers should start giving us a lot of homework every night to keep us away from technology.

May 30, 2012

Today wasn’t so bad, too. I only used electronics for school work today as well. I’m not feeling that tempted to use electronics even though I would if I didn’t have to do this turn-off thing. I’m not getting distracted that much either by technology and staying on task with my homework. Usually, when I have my email open while doing school work on the computer, I get really distracted and don’t focus as much as I should be focusing. Now, when I’m doing the Tech turn-off thing, I stay on task and get my work done pretty easily and quickly. When I do homework that’s not on the computer, I usually look at my cell phone every 5 minutes and see if I got any text messages. Now, my cell phone is turned off while I’m writing this reflection. I’m getting it done much faster than I would be if my phone was on.

May 31, 2012

Today, I again only used my computer for school work. I’m not feeling that tempted to use electronics at all. I’m realizing that Americans use a lot of electricity on a daily basis. We probably use around 15-20 hours of electronics every day. I’m still getting a little distracted from my homework from my cell phone and my brother using his phone and the computer and watching TV all at the same time. It’s a little tempting to just look around your shoulder and peek at the TV or see what he’s playing on the computer. That;s when you get distracted and don’t focus on your homework and so it takes you 3 hours to finish just a part of your homework. Otherwise, I’m still getting my homework done a little faster than usual. It still takes me approximately 60-90 minutes to finish all my homework each night. Before I was doing the tech turn-off thing, it would take me 2-2 1/2 hours to do only a third of my homework from being distracted by my email and cell phone.

June 1, 2012
Today wasn’t so bad either. I watched some TV when I got home but otherwise, I didn’t use any electronics during the day. I keep thinking about that Americans use a lot more electronics and electricity than the amount of what we should be using. We people of the world really should be using much less technology and electricity on a daily basis. Kids get their homework done much faster while adults stay on task at work when they don’t use electronics every 5 minutes. They should be turning off their technology at work and not using them constantly and should be doing their work efficiently. Work gets done much much faster with electronics turned off or just not getting tempted or distracted by electronics. With work on the computer, it’s better not to have Facebook, Twitter, or your email open or else you will just keep getting distracted by those sites. If people don’t have any of those things open, I guarantee that you will get your work done much faster than usual. When they get that work done, they will be able to go on those sites for as long as they want but only until they have all their work done.

June 2-3, 2012
Again, today I only electricity during the weekend for school work. It’s really not that hard to not use electronics for fun once you don’t use them for a week or so. It’s also not as tempting and don’t get distracted that much if you don’t use electronics for a week. I’m not getting distracted by my cell phone or email while doing homework anymore. Us Americans are using too much electricity on a daily basis and should use less than what we are using. I feel good that I’m helping the environment by not using that much electricity and electronics all the time. Instead of using technology, I either read, sleep, or draw. Those activities keep my mind TV and my iPod when I really have no work to do. Those activities helped me a lot throughout the week of the turn-off. Or else I would’ve watched TV or played games and listened to my iPod. That would have been bad.


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