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Jasmine: My Turnoff Experience


 Today is the first day of the tech turnoff. It has been really hard trying not to sneak off and sit in front of the computer or listen to music on an iPod.  After using technology for 5 years, it is very hard to stop. I feel strained, like there is an invisible barrier between me and a screen. I could go through it whenever I wanted to, but it hurt to do so.  Today, when I was doing my homework on the computer, a friend chatted me on Gmail.  I automatically moved the mouse to click the link.  We for about a half an before before I remembered that we were in a tech turn off.  It is so easy to slip back into a world full of technology.


Wednesdays are the days that I get my hair done.  They are the only days that I am allowed to watch television.  I have been doing this for the past two years of my life.  Stopping to do this, even for one day, was really hard for me because my sister also gets her hair done on Wednesdays.  She refused to not watch her one day of television, so watching her watch a movie was kind of painful, and it made me feel jealous.  This is really hard, converting from electronic and modern to sort of old fashioned.  It has been getting easier, though to stop reaching towards whatever keyboard, or watch whatever movie, but it is still tough.  


On Thursdays, I am very busy.  Now though, after two days of “practice”, it doesn’t seem as demanding to use technology as a couple of days ago.  Since today is Thursday, I have piano lessons, and I don’t have as much time to be using technology.  I think it is getting easier to go around  and pass video screens without feeling the sense of need to look at them.  I’ve found that the busier one is, the less the sense of urgency to have to use technology.  When one is bored, and has nothing to do, and there is a computer or television screen right in front of you, there is more of a need to open that screen, or flip to whatever channel.


Now that it is Friday (TGIF), I am finding it a lot easier to control using technology; it has been a lot easier to do so.  For the past week, instead of watching Glee (a television show that is a favorite of mine), practicing piano instead of using my Kindle Fire, or gardening in comparison to checking my emails.  Now it seems much easier to pull away rather than give in to whatever  electronic device.  This is an interesting experience, but a fun one as well.  I am finally getting used to this.

Saturday/ Sunday:

Today, being the last day(s) of the tech turnoff, I tried my hardest not to use technology.  The past week has been almost like a lesson, teaching us how people who lived before modern technology, or people who didn’t have technology, period, survived.  It has been fun, sort of, having to walk away from the television or Ereader screen every time one comes across one.  I think that I might try doing another week or so of a tech turnoff, to see what it is like to push oneself to their limits.  Once I’m done with that, I want to remember, finally, how it feels to go back to the modern world of technology.  I wonder…


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