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George, my tech turnoff experience.

Day 1                                                   By George

For me, the tech-turnoff week isn’t that bad, because I don’t use that much technology in the first place except for school.  For a first day, it was fine.  I sometimes like to listen to music while doing homework, but not doing that wasn’t a hardship.

During this week, I think that I will just read even more than usual, which is a lot.

I thought that I used a decent amount of technology, but now, I realized that I don’t use that much, especially compared to some other people.

Some technology is a little unavoidable, like using my cell-phone to tell my mom I am leaving school.  But other than that, I believe that I can cope with this.

Day 2                                                                By George

The second day of the turn-off week has been even easier than the first.  I don’t use a lot of technology, so it is easy to go from some technology to no technology.

However, since on Wednesdays I have to wait for my sister for about half an hour, and since I had just finished my book, it was a bit tempting not to just take out and start to listen quietly to music, like I sometimes do in that situation.  However, I was able to resist, and instead, started to think about different things.

The technology is really minimal that I normally use.  But I would still like to use less technology, because I really would hate to become someone who just only uses technology and never reads.  Then I would become more and more stupid, because technology will never make humans intelligent, it will always make them more stupid and unaware of what is going on at the time.

Day 3                                                                By George

Today I felt extremely tempted at one point in the day.  I’m not sure why, but at one point I just wanted to turn on the computer and play just one game; but I realized that I would probably think the same thing one hour later, so I picked up a book instead, and eventually forgot about it.

Really, this week hasn’t been very affecting to me or other people.  Since I normally don’t use much technology, I have been fine.  And everyone in my family is so used to this, so about to give or take an hour’s difference, there is nothing really unusual.

On tech turnoff week, I wish I did not have to use my phone, but there really is no other way to communicate with my mom and tell her I am leaving school.

Day 4

Today I slipped up.  I couldn’t help it.  Because my siblings and I are only allowed to watch an hour of television on the weekends, nothing in the week, I normally get up early and watch television.  This morning I completely forgot about tech-turnoff week until I had already finished.  It was really annoying, and I am still feeling stupid.  The more I read Farenheit 451, the more I hate technology.  I really feel that some people have to turn it off, so to speak.  I am really amazed that some people when offered the choice between a bike ride and play video games at home, choose to play video games.

Day 5

Today I feel much better about yesterday.  My mom, my sister, and I went on a four mile bike ride through the entire Central Park on the bike path.  It made me mostly forget about watching television yesterday morning.  However, it also gave me time to think on what, not only what technology is doing to humans, but what is doing to the environment as well.  It is like a double bladed axe, sometimes striking out at humanity, sometimes attacking the environment.  Sometimes it attacks both at the same time.


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