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Estelle, My Tech Turnoff Experience

Day 1: 5/29/12

Today, I had Lacrosse practice from 3:30 to 5:00. I realized that when you have something to do, like practice Lacrosse, you don’t think that much about technology. And because it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit, I was sweating. So as soon as I got home, I went straight to the shower. After that, I felt way too clean to go on icky electronics, so, I left them alone. Also, I was too tired to even bother turning on the computer.By not using a computer to type this, I’m learning that I am much more productive when writing on paper than having distractions on my computer.I felt so relaxed now that I’m not using technology. I guess because it’s the Tech Turn-off Week I’m more mindful of how much time I spend on electronics. The Tech Turn-off Week is something all schools should do. Perhaps then Ray Bradbury’s message will be heard.

Day 2: 5/30/12

Today in school I was talking to Madeleine about how Day One of the Tech Turn-off Week went. She agreed with me that it really made a difference on our productivity.Also, when I wasn’t wasting my time using electronics, I finished reading my book and did all of my homework in about 50 minutes.I thought it was easier not to use technology today than it was on the first day of the Turn-off. That’s because yesterday I felt very efficient and peaceful when the stress of technology wasn’t there to bother me. And knowing that, I made an effort not to use technology today either.
I know that later in the week I’ll have to use my computer to do my Social Studies homework, but I believe I can refrain from using any pointless technology.

Day 3: 5/31/12

During this week I’ve realized time is a great thing. Unfortunately, most people fill it up with technology . As Dr. Fred says, “One thing leads to another.” For example, you see a funny video on YouTube and next you’re posting it on Facebook. Then, you’re hanging off the edge of your seat to see who will “like it” in the next 30 seconds. A little red dot pops up to show a notification. “Blah Blah Blah like your post.” But what did that give you? Why was it so important? I wasn’t. You wait to see if a comment will appear. Then, you get bored and go on that Tumblr blog you’ve been following for three weeks and hope they’ve posted another hot picture of Alexander Ludwig. Wait. Wait. Nothing. Go back to Facebook. An hour goes by. Two hours. Three. Four. And then five.I don’t want that. So, this week I’ve tried steering myself away from technology. And when I’m not spending time on the internet, I wonder, so what can I do? The possibilities are infinite. Just do it.

Day 4: 6/1/12

Friday is a day to relax. A day to take yourself away from work. Sadly, most people think relaxing involves using technology. Maybe you turn on the TV for a couple of hours. Then play some video or computer games. Then go on Facebook for three hours. And that’s a Friday well spent. No.But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can relax in so many other ways. Go to the park and read. Have some friends over and play a board game. Go out for dinner with your family.
What makes electronics better than life without it? Why do people think it’s so great if it doesn’t really benefit us?
I’ve felt very refreshed this past week. I’ll admit that at first I didn’t think not using technology would make a big impact on me, but it did. I thought I would dread it, but I realized I don’t need technology to survive. It’s not essential, but I, along with others believed it was because I had been using it so often that it became a part of me.

Day 5: 6/2/12 – 6/3/12

I dreaded this day. Not because it meant the Tech Turn-off Week was over (I knew I would still continue not to use technology), but because today I would have to use the computer to finish my Social Studies obituary for Emperor Trajan.I knew this day would come, but why so soon? Even though this is for academic purposes it still doesn’t feel right. I wish I could have gone the entire week without using technology.I don’t feel this week (Tech Turn-off Week) was just another school assignment to which I kept. Not for me at least. I’ll keep trying to be mindful of how much technology I use, like it never even ended.It’s been a great experience for me because I realized I don’t need technology and that I am absolutely fine without it. I enjoy being technology free.I also realize that sometimes it’s okay to use technology as long as you don’t fill up all your time with electronics. After all, why else was technology invented?

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