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Emily, My Turnoff Experience

Day 1: May 29, 2012

Today I found it rather easy to stay away from using extra technology besides for homework during the afternoon.  I had to use my computer for about 30 minutes of homework but I turned off everything else on my computer while doing my homework, so I got it done a lot faster the usual.  I started to text my mom but realized I wasn’t supposed to be using my phone so I called her instead.  It felt different to call instead of text because I always text when I need something or have a question about anything.  After I finished my homework I usually go on my computer and chat or use gmail, but since I couldn’t I read instead which I rarely have time to do.
When I tried to turn off all technology I realized how many things I could get done.  I also noticed how much other people use technology.  When you are using technology as well you don’t notice, but when you see everyone else doing it… it takes a little more effort to to restrain yourself.
I think the hardest part was probably being able to work or read when the technology is right in front of you all the time.  For instance I saw my computer and was dying to check my email especially since my sister was doing it.  I was in a taxi and the T.V. was on and I turned it off as, remembering that was also technology.  The tech – turnoff is has good and bad things but it is kind of challenging so far,

Day 2: May 30, 2012
Today I thought it was harder to stay away from technology.  I thought it was harder because I had more free time and I noticed that with more free time, the more temptations there are.  I had more free time because without my gmail open and my phone next to me, I finished my homework in half the time then I usually do.

The T.V. was on in my house because my dad and my sister were watching so it was something i couldn’t avoid.  I ended up watching 10 minutes of T.V and realized how hard it was to avoid.
I used my computer for about 45 minutes for homework but it would have taken me a lot longer if i hadn’t turned off  everything else on my computer.  I think that turning on off extra technology when trying to get work done can be really useful.
I also realized how many things you can do in your free time that doesn’t involve technology.  I always go straight to the computer and never think of all the other things i can do like reading, writing, or board games.I think that the tech – turnoff week is really changing how i look at electronics, some things good and some bad.

Day 3: May 31, 2012
Today I thought it was super easy to stay away from technology .  I only used my computer for homework for about 10 – 15 minutes and that was it.

I thought it was so easy because I had gymnastics until 7pm and didn’t get home until 7:15pm so I got straight to homework which took about 1 hour of so.  After I finished I had to have dinner and soon after I had to go to bed.
It was definitely a lot easier to avoid technology when you don’ have much extra time .  I also think it is easier to occupy yourself as the days go by because you come up with more ways to keep busy.
Today I encountered technology I could not avoid.  I was at gymnastics and they had music playing so I could not help but listen.  People like my family members are saying it is a good thing for me to do it because people used to not rely on technology for everything that they did.
The tech – turnoff is showing me how I can really “survive” without technology. I think it is a good thing that I know what else I can do besides use my electronics.
Day 4: June 1, 2012

Today I thought I stayed away from technology for the most part.  I didn’t use technology at all until after around 7:30 pm.  I was unable to avoid technology use after that.  

My dad and sister were watching T.V. so I couldn’t avoid listening, but I did read my book instead.  I thought it was hard to keep myself from watching because the television was right in front of me.

People around me are reacting to me in different ways.  My mom thinks it’s a good but i think that since the class/grade if doing it, it also makes it easier.  It gives me less urge to go on to chat because I realize nobody else is on.

I think that this tech – turnoff is really giving me a different perspective on what I really do in my life, or what I don’t do.   I thought I used technology, but I didn’t realize how often, I never realized how my first reaction to free time is computer time.  I think the turn off will teach me how to notice and monitor more my electronic use.

Day 5 and 6:  June 6, 2012 and June 3, 2012

The hardest part of the tech – turnoff was definitely the weekend.  I ran into technology I could not avoid, but I also allowed myself to watch a movie at my cousins house I didn’t need to watch.

Over the weekend I had to go to a birthday party that had a movie we went to see during it so I couldn’t avoid that.  I knew since I was unable to to avoid that I would just have to go and be extra careful to limit my T.V. usage I didn’t need to.

I did watch a movie I didn’t to see but saw anyway.  I went to my cousins house and instead of turning down the movie, I decided to allow it.  It was hard to avoid other technology they were using and I couldn’t use.

My cousins reaction was surprised.  They are into texting, emailing, and I.M., so they would rarely put it down.  I told them I was doing to and they said they could NEVER do that.

After this week I realized how difficult and or easy it can be to avoid technology.  I learned what other people thought, noticed how much technology I couldn’t avoid, and I learned how much technology I used.  Overall I think the tech – turnoff was a helpful experience.


One comment on “Emily, My Turnoff Experience

  1. Em, this is really good! It was interesting hearing the different opinions on what people thought of the tech-turn off.
    Nice job!!!

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