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Devon, My Turnoff Expirience

Tuesday May, 29, 2012

The tech turn-off, for me, will be somewhat easy. With sports and other conflicts, useing the computer or my phone or ipod etc will be hard. For instance, today I had swimming untill 6 o’clock, and then I went to Max Brennens to celebrate my sisters birthday. I had chicken fingers and waffle fries for my appetizer and for my “main corse” I had a chocolate lava cake. Before that started at 8 o’clock my sister got her hair done. So in the end I didn’t get home untill 8:45, and then I had all of my hw to do. The next few days should be the same. I have double lacrose tomorrow and swimming on friday, a swim meet on Saturday, and a lacrosse tournament on Sunday

Wednesday May, 30, 2012

Today I had a lacrosse game for school after school untill 6 o’clock and then right after that I had a lacrosse practice with my travel team. I didn’t get home untill 8:30, and you can probally guess what I did then, homework!!! YAY!!! Then I ate and by then it was time to get in bed and read so I did. So far I have used no technology.

Thursday May, 31, 2012

Today was very hard. Today is the day that I relax and normally sit home do hw and then play on my xbox, but I can’t today. What to do? I first did my hw and then I took a piece of paper and played the non-virtual version of paper toss. Then I went to my gym to play basketball. I was down there for so long I think if you were to point to any spot I would have made that shot.

Friday Jun. 1, 2012

Tonight was the hardest night of the week. It is the day I get out of swimming early and it is also the beginning of the weekend, I can stay up really late. Sometimes I found myself trying to pick up my iPod touch but then I put it back. I was also very tempted to watch a movie with my mom and sister but I couldn’t. I am a little nervous for the weekend but I am pretty busy. An outdoor swim meet on Saturday and a lacrosse tournament on Sunday. I hope the weekend is just as easy as the week

Saturday+Sunday Jun. 2+3, 2012

I SNAPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But only for a little until I realized it. I was bored before my swim meet and I picked up my iPod and started to play Jetpack Joyride™. I feel kinda mad that I didn’t finish the week strong. I was doing super well until the tempting update messed up my awesome (awe-inspiring) streak. =(


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