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Deborah, My Turn-Off Experience

Day One: May 29, 2012 Today is the first day of the “Tech Turn-Off” week. I feel anxious and annoyed. I feel anxious because I just need to check my email of watch the newest episode of Gossip Girl. I feel annoyed because I can’t check my email or anything else because these things are the solution to my boredom.
The experience today was difficult. It was difficult. It was difficult because I was so bored and I had to (*gasp*) read! It was nice to huddle up and read but to be frank I would rather watch a movie. It was difficult to not listen to music while I work or even to write this instead of typing it.
The sort of distractions I had was to listen to music on the way home from school. I realized how much I resort on my iPod or entertainment. Also, my temptations was when I came home from school and worked to turn on the T.V. I used to typing everything instead of handwriting everything.
The reaction of everyone else was happy. My brother is happy because then he can hog the T.V (*SOB*). My parents are glad that I’m not multitasking by listening to music while doing my homework. This affect my experience because it really annoys me (or piss me off).
I’m learning how much I miss Gossip Girl… I also learned how typing makes my hand happier. I realize how much I love technology and I’m going to die when I go to camp. Camp= no internet, cellphones, and (*SOB*) T.V!
Today, I survived. However, I have a feeling I’m going breakdown. The worst will come during the weekend (*sigh*). I hope I can keep this up.Day Two:  May 30, 2012

I feel the same as I did yesterday but slightly less extreme. I still miss having Gmail and chat. I guess I’m slightly adapting, I find myself using technology without even realizing. Technology has neatly snuggled into my life as a daily routine; like listening to music to and from school. Turning on the the T.V. and watching Gossip Girl when I get home.
The experience was easier today than it was yesterday. I’m hoping it will be easier the further I go on. I had more distractions and slip-ups today than I did yesterday though, Yesterday, I was more conscious about what I was doing. I was tempted to watch T.V. once I got home but instead I read the books I borrowed from the library. I found myself absorbed into books for hours.
Books were my solution to watching T.V. I read Gossip Girl (the book) instead of the show. I’m learning how much books can be more enjoyable than watching the show and movie I had a great passion for reading when I was younger; I read about about three books each day!
There was some technology that was unavoidable such as when my brother is watching T.V. or watching a video on Youtube. Without his support of no technology, I find myself tempted to use it more. It was hard to go to my room and write a reflection instead of watching whatever what was on outside. Hopefully, tomorrow it’ll be easier…

Day Three: May 31, 2012

The third day was easier. Way easier. Maybe because my schedule is so packed; I didn’t really have time for entertainment today. Usually entertainment is my solution to boredom. Since I wasn’t bored today there’s no use for entertainment. I feel normal and I didn’t even realize the absence of email and Gossip Girl.

The experience was easy because I didn’t need to use technology. I use it in my free time and I especially didn’t use ii if I have a lot to do that day. I didn’t really have a replacement unless a busy schedule counts. Entertainment is like a fun way to waste your time.

My family don’t really notice. I didn’t really care anymore if my brother is watching T.V. and I’m not. Since he just pushes all his work to the end of the day causing not so great grades and report cards. I like to do all my homework once it’s assigned; then I have time to do whatever I want later on.

I learn how little I rely on technology , at times, when I doing other things. I realize I don’t use technology as much as I think I do. I learn how to realize how precious time is and I shouldn’t waste it by watching Gossip Girl. I guess my goal is achieved; this tech turn-off actually might be helping. Hope it lasts…

Day Four: June 1, 2012

Today was so much easier. The experience today was even easier than yesterday,. I had the same I’m-doing-something-so-no-technology-is-needed. It was like I had something better to do than watch T.V. or use technology, I feel like technology wasn’t my priority after all.
I feel happy and entertained. I feel like one of those kids from the country. Oh wait, I am! When I was little, I used to love going outside and I never went near a computer or T.V. I grew up in the country (Wisconsin and Oklahoma) so I didn’t need technology. I have the same feeling now as I did before.
I had no distractions and temptations at all today. I go outside and hang out with friends more often. I also have a busy busy schedule. I have activities and other  things to fill up my day. Things such as church, piano, and chores. Everyone else’s reaction is no different than the past couple days. I also learned how technology isn’t the greatest source of fun all the the time. I did counter some technology I couldn’t seem to avoid; such as, calling my mom. I hope this can last through the whole weekend.

Day 5: June 2 and 3, 2012

The weekend was impossible! Especially Saturday, there was nothing to do except for technology. I guess my theory was correct; how if I have something to do I don’t need technology. I only had piano that day, and it was in the morning. This causes me to have nothing else to do for the rest of the day.
I had several temptations and distractions; there was T.V., computer, iPod, and Wii. It was difficult because there was so many thing I could do and so much time to waste. Can’t you see the difficulty for me?
This weekend, I had a …slip-up (*sniff*). Which ,in my opinion, was very hard to avoid. Mr friend’s birthday party was on Sunday and we watched a movie at the theatre. It wasn’t like I would miss it, or I just don’t have the self-control or maturity to skip it.
Sunday was easier because I had the minor slip-up and I have more activities that day. However, I did mess up. In the end, I think I did pretty well. I didn’t follow through the whole week though. However, it was only one mistake on the last day. So if I was graded on tech turn off week; I would give myself a 95. I’m glad that I only messed up once and it was something pretty much unavoidable. Nice talking to you diary 😉

Until again,

         Deborah  Wei


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