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Cassie My Turn-Off Experience

Day 1:

It is harder than you would think. Technology is everywhere. Everywhere there is some sort of electronic. Tonight I was playing a game where we would have to think of a song with that word, that you picked from the deck of cards, in it. I wanted to look up a song. We are immune to having technology at our fingertips. I have a facebook account and when I open google chrome I have bookmarks and it says if I have notifications. It was so tempting. I am learning that I use way to much technology, and without it I have free time. But I can still procrastinate with other things. IT IS SO HARD!

Day 2:

Today was less hard because I had less free time, so less time to want to go on the computer or listen to music. I wanted to look at facebook to see someones birthday, and I CAN’T! And when I did have free time I read my new book. It has facebook in it, so its all good. Sometimes during my piano lesson, my  teacher has an  Ipad, and we sometimes use it. I could not avoid it. I feel that I can not live without technology. I am here today because of technology. Music, tv, internet, and mobile devices. They are all in rich with a push of a button.

Day 3:

I went in to a store to if they sold bathing suits. They said that they do, but just online. This week feels like forever. I feel cut off from the world. My stepmom is watching her show and I feel left out. I read, and play with my little sister, or play the piano. I went on my ipod to set an alarm to wake me up and I saw that I have 28 unread emails. I forced myself not to read them.

Day 4:

Today my stepmom went out to dinner and my dad was also out and we had a babysitter, my little sister was watching a movie and Nick and I couldn’t. Only two more days! I finished my book and I don’t have another one. I need something to do other than homework. My emails are piling up by the second. I now have 56 emails. There is an app that I have, that adds 20 things twice a day, I now have 160 add ons. Whenever I open a new tab on my computer it says the number of notifications I have on facebook.. I have two notifications, I feel totally left out of this world.

Day 5&6:

Technology is everywhere. I went to the zoo and in the gift shop there was a video looping over and over again. In the car we wanted to listen to music, but we couldn’t. If we don’t  use technology, we would be sectioned off to most of the world. I can’t wait till this is over.

Today is Sunday and so far I feel fine without technology. I noticed that it is harder to  not use technology over the weekend, that it is on the weekdays. I  can’t wait!


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