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Amanda, My Turnoff Experience

#1 5/29

I felt that not texting is difficult for me. However, email was easy to avoid. I feel good because I am helping the environment by not wasting energy. Receiving a text was hard for me because I was tempted to read it. I did not really have much time today after school so I just read, ate dinner, and did homework. I feel that a lot of other people are “physically attached” to email and will not stay away from it, I am not but it makes me want to go on. I learned that I love my phone. I did not really encounter technology I could not avoid besides my brother who was watching tv ten feet away from where I was doing homework. Also, he was listening to music on the computer earlier today.

#2 5/30

I felt okay because I wanted to use the computer but could not. The experience today was not so easy because people were texting me. My phone tempted me and the tv was on and it was impossible for me not to hear it. Instead of using technology, I did homework, played lacrosse, read, and talked. My whole family was watching tv, using computers, using phones, and playing games so I kind of felt left out. I learned that as a person, when I have other stuff to do, not using technology is not all that difficult. I was sitting in my car and my brother was watching a movie that was playing out loud and it was kind of hard to avoid. I also listened to the radio on the way to my lacrosse game on the bus and I could not turn it off because it was not my decision. My phone also rang and I had to answer it because when my mom calls me, it is usually important.

#3 5/31

I felt good knowing that I did not waste energy or harm the planet by using electronic devices. The experience today was easy because I did not really have any distractions. Instead of using technology, I walked outside with my mom, read, did homework, and played board games with my brothers. Since my father was watching tv, I kind of heard the tv but did not focus on it so it did not really affect my experience at all. I realized that I do not typically use a lot of technology besides homework so it is not hard for me not to use it. The only technology that I could not avoid today was music. They played music at my track meet and also at the nail salon that I went to.

#4 6/1

I feel good knowing that I am helping the planet. The experience was difficult today because everyone else in my family was texting, watching tv, playing wii, emailing, using computers, and playing on iPads. I was really tempted to answer all of my texts and calls. Instead of using technology today I read, did homework, went outside, and talked with my family and friends. Since my family uses technology, I felt tempted and left out which makes me want to use technology even more. In this experience, I have learned that I am absolutely obsessed with my phone. I encountered a lot of technology I could not avoid: music in the car, music at basketball, music at yoga, music at dinner and a movie in the car.

#5 6/1

I felt good knowing that I am helping the planet. The experience was difficult today because most of my family was watching tv. I was very tempted to watch tv with my parents and my brothers but I would not let myself. Instead of using technology I went outside, talked with my family, played guitar, read, did homework, went to my cousin’s beach club, and played with my cousins. It has been hard with everyone else using technology because I am tempted to as well. I am learning about myself, that it is not that hard for me, but I absolutely love my cellphone. I could not avoid music in the car, music at a bat mitzvah, and hearing the tv in my house.

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